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#ABAharms hashtag on Twitter

Source: #ABAharms hashtag on Twitter

Please can others learn from this.

Listening to on the hidden harms of childhood experience of . More really needs to be done about this. ABA’s definition of success does not consider the current or future psychological well-being. Very upsetting.

but you think Positive Behaviour Support, another name for Applied Behavioural Analysis is the right educational support – Conversion Therapy for autistics

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this is a screenshot of website promoting ABA which as you know Sara has is its basis in Gay Conversion Therapy both created by Dr Ivar Lovaas. Disgusting & dispicable that an autism charity would promote such harmful & abusive practice for autistics

is a pseudoscience: eg it ignores research evidence against it (see # ABAResearch), selectively publishes research (results of some major registered ABA trials are not reported) and CoIs are common.

Good Morning supporters. Just thought of reminding you why people and professionals believe that 😡

Powerful poetry.

ABAers making fun once again, which is really nothing new……

investment firm Coker Capital Advisors said annual revenue for major ABA providers across the U.S. at more than $10 billion & more than $7 billion for major school-based providers is a variation of Gay Conversion Therapy for Autistics

Even the therapists who claim they are the good ones don’t call out the bad stuff. Anyone who points this out is met with silence or dismissive replies. Even the so called good ones refuse to listen.

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That’s way better than, “Oh, I wouldn’t want to change him for the world, we’re just doing ABA so he’ll cope better IN the world.” 😧

In case you are in any doubt about what ABA is all about, BCBA Dr Mary Barbera, international speaker and best-seller on ABA, confirms that learning to use ABA on chickens is helpful to train non- or minimally-verbal autistic children. (Original Tweet deleted)

Current Cochran review concludes that the evidence for Picture Exchange Communication System, PECS, to improve verbal and non-verbal communication is very low. PECS is a standard ABA tool…

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