Here We Go Again! #TeamAtticus

Divergent Productions
Hi all, Spring here. I know you may not have heard from or heard much about Atticus lately, but we’ve been hard at work in pre-production.
Spring Horton
My Director of Photography and I have finished the script and broken it down into scenes to shoot. It’s been interesting as location has changed twice, length has changed twice, and so on. To let you know, we’ve moved back to York as it will be easiest, less expensive, and my team knows the area. We’ve also decided to shoot in a more TV movie format with part one of Murder at the Museum to be done in February and part 2 in June.
Unless, of course, we raise a lot of money for production and can shoot it all at once!
We’ve managed to get a lot of people on board for locations and will be auditioning the final parts this month. We still have our named actors on board and are still waiting to get final word from the last one.

To remind you a little of who we do have:

Atticus sizzle shots-4.jpg

This is Thomas Jennings, who’ll be playing Atticus.

He and Amanda, our DP managed to shoot a lot of really great sample scenes for our teaser reel, which we’ll be putting out soon!
thumbnail_Atticus sizzle shots-14.jpg
thumbnail_Atticus sizzle shots-22.jpg

Mark and Emma, our Grant Hildebrand and Bruce Barnes

FireShot Capture 011 - Simon Kane HILDEBRANDmp4 - OneDrive_ - https___onedrivelivecom_.jpg

Simon Kane as Humphrey Atherton


Rebekah Wheeler as Constable Haig

FireShot Capture 027 - Atticus McLaren Mystery Gang_ - https___wwwfacebookcom_345783392.jpg

And Aaron Douglas as Cornelius Smith.

Plane tickets are already booked for Rebekah (who’s also Assistant Director) and I for mid-January. We’ve managed to save quite a bit on pre-production, which gives us a nice head start. Starting December 1st we’ll kick off our crowdfunding campaign for production. Everything is coming together and the entire cast and crew are very excited for this project. Hopefully, with your help and enthusiasm too, we’ll be bringing part one of the first movie to you in April! Thanks for all your help and talk soon! Spring Horton

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