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Stigma of Autism Can Take Toll on Psyche | Health Care | US News

Why are they interviewing people at Autism Speaks on this story?


We suffer this culture and Autism Speaks is guilty of creating this culture of anti-vaxxers, curebies and horrific stigma against autistic people.

Stop interviewing Autism Speaks about autistic minorities.

They are NOT apart of the Autistic Community, and have no business speaking for us on stigma.

Autism Speaks has silenced Autistics since their inception.

Their goal was eradication. They sucked the funds out of our local communities and left autistic people without jack shit.  They are a problem that needs a ‘solution’ – not the voice of autistic people.

Shut up already, Autism Speaks.

— Eve Reiland

THURSDAY, Nov. 1, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Social stigma may play a large role in the depression, anxiety and other mental health woes experienced by many people with autism, a small new study indicates.

British researchers found that 72 percent of the psychological distress reported in 111 adults with autism was linked to social stigma, including discrimination and rejection.

Many people with autism said they’re treated like no one thinks they’re smart or that no one will hire someone like them. This kind of stigma can take a toll on the psyche, the researchers said.

“We already suspected there would be a significant impact of discrimination on the mental health of the autistic population, it’s just that no one’s really studied the impact of that before,” said study author Monique Botha. She’s a doctoral student and post-graduate researcher at the University of Surrey, in England.

Source: Stigma of Autism Can Take Toll on Psyche | Health Care | US News

Source: Stigma of Autism Can Take Toll on Psyche | Health Care | US News

By Eve Reiland

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