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Pokemon Go is supporting Autism speaks and i don’t know how to feel about that (Vent/rant)

I understand if this post seems like promotion, but i actually just want to vent a bit.

Pokemon has been a major special interest for most of my life, and the last few years it’s been specifically Pokemon Go and AR games in general. A few days ago my friends whom i play with brought me to the attention that the company who makes pokego, Niantic (not Nintendo) has said they’re going to be sponsoring Autism Speaks

As an autistic person this game as my special interest has given me a reason to step outside and socialize with others over pokemon collecting. Now, after seeing that the developers of it are supporting that organization, whether you have a negative stance on them or not, upsets me.

Now, i don’t know if they had good intentions for this, but a lot of people in the twitter community are pretty angry and are deleting it / tweeting at them to reconsider, but it’s been over 2 days and nothing has been said in response to that backlash.

Which gets to my next point, i fucking hate when businesses or groups receive negativity in response to a decision like this, especially if they’re trying to help a particular group, and then decide to not listen to said group. We’ve all seen it.

That being said, i don’t know if i can enjoy this special interest anymore without feeling terrible and full of guilt. :/

UPDATE: So they’ve tried to do some damage control and said that they’re donating to SAARC, which is another org that unsurprisingly, is partnered with Autism Speaks. They’ve dropped all mention of AS, but clicking links they’ve provided still says this is an autism speaks walk, and half goes to them as well. Pretty garbage.

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