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Under the thin outward veneer of the anti-vax movement lies grotesque anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-autistic… and anti-semitic forms of hatred. — John Greally

Rob van der Wal Why am I not surprised? 😏


Sinead Larkin They are not just anti semetic. They are bigots in general. And they like the R word a lot. They are unintelligent bullies who resort to name calling etc because they can’t have a rational discussion,, debate or arguement.


Sara Winters I’m not surprised since Jonas Salk and Saban were of Jewish ancestry, and I’m sure many others in vaccine research and development were as well.


Delphine Drory Unfollowed. I’m quite sick of this very american way of thinking in black or white, and always demonizing “the other side”.
And that monumental assumption that ALL AUTISTICS are pro-vaccine !
That’s very offending. As if i couldn’t think by myself, and do in depth research on my subjects of interests. And make my own damn conclusions. Which aren’t “100% pro, damn the other side”, or “100% against, damn the other side”.


Kaitlin Grace My daughter is autistic. I am very proud of her autism doesn’t define her. I am also anti judgemental black and white statements about people. You can never fully understand someone unless you have walked their journey. My child is vaccine injured. She was 100% typically developing before her 1st and 2nd lot of vaccinations. That is our story. That is our truth and I don’t give a fig about judgemental attitudes all my energy goes to helping my girl.


Elizabeth Ann Dear That is because it doesn’t show signs until that age. My dad was autistic, never got shots. I am autistic and so is my son. Your truth is conjecture at best.


Gorana Nikolic Actually, Autism does define your daughter, and the sooner you accept that the better you will help her.


Pamela Ehn My dad’s autistic. He didn’t suddenly become autistic when the MMR vaccine came out when he was 32.

These people who insist that autism is vaccine injury just don’t want to admit that it’s genetic. Vaccine injuries ARE real, but autism is not one of the effects, and it has far more to do with immunocompromised kids being given vaccines they shouldn’t have been given, nothing to do with autism whatsoever.


Pamela Ehn Also, the incidence of vaccine injury is minute (like less than the number of autistic people) and the vaccine injury registry has made vaccines safer than they were even 10 years ago. It’s why the Salk vaccine is given in this country because it’s been proven to be safer than the Sabin.


Kaitlin Grace Elizabeth Ann Dear Actually a recent study has concluded that in certain individuals with a certain gene that vaccines can harm susceptible individuals.


Laura Ivanova Smith Good article. That awful she was told that.


Evan Lowenthal I am Jewish and autistic, and proud of both. Racism kills; whether against Jews, POC, or neurodiverse people.


Uzi Lowenthal I do not think that the vast majority of the public think this way.

By Eve Reiland

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