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♿️ Will your vote be counted? ♿️ | ASAN

Have you struggled to access education, housing or health care? Do you need ADA accommodations at school or at work? Do you use services like Medicaid to live in your community? Do you use accessible sidewalks to get around? All of these things can get better—or worse—depending on who we elect to our state, local, and federal government. About 1 in 4 people in the US are disabled. Our votes can have a huge impact on the issues that affect us most—but only if we show up. You can make sure you get your say by making a plan to vote, and there are tons of resources that can help. Check them out below, and make sure that this November, there will be nothing about us, without us!
From protests to policymaking, the disability community has spent years fighting for our right to be fully included in our communities. Generations of disabled activists fought for our rights to have a say in the policies that affect us, including our right to vote – a right that many of us are still denied. If you are facing barriers to your right to vote, if you have questions about voting, or if you need help getting to the polls, here are some resources that may help!

Getting Ready To Vote

  • Our new voting tool can help you check if you’re registered, register you to vote, or help you submit an absentee ballot.
  • If your state has new voter ID lawsVoteRiders provides free legal aid to help you understand what ID is required and how to get it.
  • To learn what will be on your ballot, check out the ballot tools at Ballotpediaand Vote411.
  • If you need easy-to-understand information about voting, check out thevoting section of our civic engagement toolkit.
  • Need voting information on the go? The new Brink election app can help you make sure you have everything you need to vote, research candidates, and lots more.

Your Rights As a Disabled Voter

  • If you’re under guardianship, and want to understand your voting rights, this guide can help
  • .To learn about your rights at the polling placecheck out these quick video guides (under “Training Video”) from Self Advocates Becoming Empowered.
  • You have a legal right to an accessible, private, and independent vote. If you have access issues while trying to vote, you can get help in real time by calling 1-866-OUR-VOTE or using The Arc’s Voter Support Service online.

Getting to the Polls

  • Find your local polling place using this tool
  • If you don’t have access to transportationCarPool Vote may be able to connect you to volunteers locally who can drive you. This service also lets you specify if you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.
For even more information and resources about voting, check out the REV UP Voter Resource Center. Our community is part of a long, proud tradition of political activism. We fight every day to make our voices heard, and that doesn’t stop as the midterm elections approach.When we vote, we will send our elected officials a message they can’t ignore: Nothing About Us Without Us!  

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