“As Seen On” | Introducing The Latest Special Section Addition to International Badass Activists


As Seen On

The newest section addition on International Badass Activists is “As Seen On.”

This section focuses on divergent folks and conversation happening around social media. It is also an archive and snapshot of our culture, community as it happens.

Find “As Seen On” in the top navigation menu under “Advocates & Activists.”

Or visit this link right here. 

As Seen On: The Latest 20

  1. As Seen On Facebook | Autism Speaks and Kelloggs are now in cahoots… I’m Livid!!! | Jen Fleming
  2. Time To Boycott Kellogg’s | Autism Speak$ does hate and exclusion on a scale no other organisation can manage. | Âûtistic News Feed
  3. As Seen On Twitter | Hey @KelloggsUS what’s this about you partnering with #AutismSpeaks? They do NOT speak for the majority of autistic people. | N.A. Le Brun
  4. As Seen On Facebook | DO YOU SEE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN TRAINING YOUR DOG, AND YOUR BABY? | Jo-Rosie, Archie the Super Pit & Co. | #KidsAreNotDogs
  5. As Seen On Twitter | … @MarriottIntl & @SpringHillSuite, I’m Curious About Your Featured Billboard Promoting Abuse … | Ronson Page
  6. As Seen On Facebook |  Tania’s attacks and threats have been going on for two years … | Lindsay Mohler
  7. As Seen On Facebook | The Unconventional Parent Starts A Rumor … | #bleachcult
  8. As Seen On Facebook | Research on autistic eye tracking interestingly… – Âûtistic News Feed
  9. As Seen On Facebook | If you have been targeted, harassed, threatened by Tania Marshal ( @TaniaAMarshall )… | Sara Jane Harvey
  10. I see first hand the damage ‘person WITH autism’ does. | Emma Dalmayne
  11. As Seen On Facebook | Autism Speaks & AdCouncil: Partners or Autism Info Monopoly?
  12. As Seen On Facebook | Meme: Why Do Autistics Drive Electric Cars? | Fierce Autie
  13. As Seen On Facebook | How to abuse Autistics and make a $$$ empire at the same time | Eve Reiland 
  14. As Seen On Facebook | You say it cures Autism? Fine. Drink it yourself first. | Crimson Âû
  15. As Seen On Facebook | It is very easy for whyte people to not see what is wrong in teaching a slave how to speak English … | John Greally – Âûtistic News Feed
  16. As Seen On Twitter | #TodayInABA: None of the BCBAs at JRC have lost their credentials over using shocks on Autistics … | AutisticMom
  17. As Seen On Twitter | … To ABA professionals, inflicting Mental Trauma and abuse is fine, and we should be grateful for it?!… | Autistic UK #TheFutureIsGold
  18. #TodayinABA hashtag on Twitter
  19.  As Seen On Facebook |  – There’s not a “Lost Generation” of female Autistics. You have a generation of female Autistics being DENIED their existence. … | Eve Reiland
  20. As Seen On Twitter | “You calling them Autistics instead of people who have autism have defined ALL people on the spectrum as being nothing more than that. Shame on you. …” | PFL Strikes Again


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