“As Seen On” | Introducing The Latest Special Section Addition to International Badass Activists


As Seen On

The newest section addition on International Badass Activists is “As Seen On.”

This section focuses on divergent folks and conversation happening around social media. It is also an archive and snapshot of our culture, community as it happens.

Find “As Seen On” in the top navigation menu under “Advocates & Activists.”

Or visit this link right here. 

As Seen On: The Latest 20

  1. As Seen On Facebook | Y’all know I’m an advocate for medicinal marijuana… via Eve Reiland
  2. As Seen On Facebook: CDC, The Truth in A Statistic & The Facts | John Greally
  3. As Seen On Facebook | Comments On: I Wish I Never Had A Child
  4. As Seen On Facebook | International Badass Activists Review: With no experience raising autistic children she proceeds to act like she stands up for childrens rights but is only exploiting autism mothers …
  5. As Seen On Facebook | International Badass Activists Review: No , I do not recommend someone who would troll private or closed groups for Autism parents …
  6. As Seen On Twitter | So I’m reading this paper and…. Fucking. Yikes. Wild idea: #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs should include disabled folks who don’t ID … via @alexhaagaard
  7. As Seen On Facebook | More screens sent to me today. … via Eve Reiland
  8. As Seen On Facebook |  I’ve verbally offered my resignation to the board of Resources for Independence Central Valley, and will follow up with a formal letter. … via Eve Reiland
  9. As Seen On Facebook | oh, the hate mail is thick today. Good, pay attention … I Wear The Shoes … via Eve Reiland
  10. As Seen On Facebook | I wish I’d never had a child. I get nothing from being a mother! no love or joy. I’m just a slave. Bum wiping, food making, drink fetching body slave/drudge. via Yvonne Sidwell
  11. As Seen On Twitter | I need #ActuallyAutistic people to understand that some of us are trying to better understand you. … via @V_MomOfThree
  12. As Seen On Twitter | TW: Ableism/Holocaust | Hey @Foyles, as an #ActuallyAutistic customer, I am horrified that you would stock this book in your self-help section. Autism is not caused by vaccines, is not an epidemic and certainly not comparable to the Holocaust. via @ellen__jones 
  13. As Seen On Twitter | You really, really, REALLY need to consult with nonspeaking #actuallyautistic people to find out what their own priority therapy goals are. … via @ekverstania
  14. As Seen On Twitter | Washington’s Court system considered making it much easier to forcibly sterilize a person under guardianship. … Because of you, we fought back and we won. #NoModernAsylum via @wa_nma
  15. As Seen On Twitter | Remember that time that Judith Newman (@judithn111) called me a manic pixie dream girl in her book?  … via @neurowonderful
  16. As Seen On Facebook | Really, lady? I saw that. … #DisabilityParking is NOT for your convenience. … via Eve Reiland
  18. As Seen On Twitter | I also don’t agree with you having 5 children all Autistic. Maybe if it’s hereditary you should have stopped after a couple … via @lucysummerfield
  19. As Seen On Twitter | Poll: #ActuallyAutistic #askingautistics – Which do you prefer? Autistic Person, Person With Autism, On The Spectrum, Other … via @NeuroRebel
  20. As Seen On Twitter | Conversion therapy is child abuse by another name. … via @ChelseaClinton


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