“As Seen On” | Introducing The Latest Special Section Addition to International Badass Activists


As Seen On

The newest section addition on International Badass Activists is “As Seen On.”

This section focuses on divergent folks and conversation happening around social media. It is also an archive and snapshot of our culture, community as it happens.

Find “As Seen On” in the top navigation menu under “Advocates & Activists.”

Or visit this link right here. 

As Seen On: The Latest 20

  1. As Seen On Twitter | What kind of research do you need to respect a minority group’s identity? … #actuallyautistic
  2. As Seen on Twitter | To any #schools, #teachers or #education professionals looking for resources to support #transgender young people, we recommend reading … via @mermaids_gender
  3. As Seen On Facebook | ABA Controversy … via ABA Controversy Autism Discussion 
  4. As Seen On Reddit | I don’t want my baby to get a vaccine because Jenny McCarthy’s book says her son got Autism from the Thimerosal in his MMR vaccine. …
  5. As Seen On Reddit | Thank you so, so much for your support! | #SupportAutisticPokemonTrainers
  6. As Seen On Twitter | I kinda want to see #DoctorsAreDickheads trending with stories of medical gaslighting and abuse  … via @crippledscholar
  7. As Seen On Twitter: Autistic people: It would really help if you trained and hired autistic therapists to work with autistic children and adults.  … via @brookewinters33
  8. As Seen On Twitter | You should be arrested & put behind bars for some of the things you’ve done. … As for #MMS … via @djt10
  9. As Seen On Facebook | ABA: Stop using torturous ‘therapy’ on autistic people … via Autistic Inclusive Meets
  10. As Seen On Twitter | Autism event cancelled, and Mark Howard sends apologies on behalf of the church … via @AIMautistic
  11. As Seen On Twitter |  Autistic Partners and Parents. A thread. Based on this bizarre paper, alleging that autistic partners and parents are a Bad Thing. … via @AnnMemmott 
  12.  As Seen On Facebook | So I am still waiting on a response in relation to this from Shine Ireland … via Ausome Cork 
  13. As Seen On Facebook | I Come Forward With REAL Evidence Of My Son’s Case Against Antioch Unified School District & Why I am passionate about WINNING A SEAT on The Board. via Janice Lipnisky
  14. As Seen On Reddit | Pokémon Go is supporting Autism Speaks, and I don’t know how to feel about that (Vent/rant) : pokemongo
  15. As Seen On Facebook | Under the thin outward veneer of the anti-vax movement … – Âûtistic News Feed
  16. As Seen On Facebook | On the #MAGAbomber Especially the media… via Jojo Weaver
  17. “As Seen On” | Introducing The Latest Special Section Addition to International Badass Activists
  18. As Seen On . . . The Latest 20
  19. As Seen On Twitter | “You know what concept I despise? Resilience. Especially when it’s used to talk about children and students.  …” via @EbThen
  20. As Seen on Twitter | So HerAutism.com … Pushing Ableist Advice To Autistics For a Donated Non-Tax-Deductible Dime. FFS. via @badassactivist


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