As Seen On Twitter | “TW: suicide, mental health A message to all parents of #autistic kids: Wellbeing first. ..” via @ShonaDav


TW: suicide, mental health A message to all parents of kids: Wellbeing first. Education second. Qualifications mean nothing if you end up with a lifetime of mental health issues or worse dead If school is not safe for your child PLEASE don’t send them in

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    Thank you soooo much for this! This is why 2 years ago we decided to homeschool. Wellness comes first! We’ve got to weigh the benefits and negatives and make a decision for our children. It was the best thing we could have done for our son. We “listened” in to a day at school

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    The whole school thing terrifies me for my almost 6 yr old. She goes to a school specifically for autisitc kids right now, but I still worry. Is it enough? Are the teaching her what she needs for when she can eventually go to regular school, if she can even ever go to one.

    2/ everything ia so unknown and uncertain. I worry if i made the right choice sending her to the school I did, tho I really had no other choice where I currently live. Her going to a regular school scares me, especially while she still doesn’t speak much. Ugh I hate all this.

    Some autistic children thrive in mainstream school and it isn’t easy to predict who will. So all you can do is wait and see then respond if you need to. Also remember what you see on Twitter is biased towards people in extreme situations. I tweet because we had so many issues

    If all had gone smoothly I doubt I’d be on twitter tweeting about autism so much. It is the problems that make me passionate about wanting to help other people and speak out about it.

    Same here. I don’t want other children or parents to go through what we have. I feel privileged to be able to use my experience to help others.

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    Shona I’m loving this thread. When looking at secondary schools I went for the most holistic. The school that could meet his needs more than academically. I’d rather my son emerge from the education system with his self esteem intact.

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    It’s not just autistic kids- my mum wanted to pull me out of school to recover from mental health stuff and I was too terrified of grades, future, loneliness etc. I was put in a special assembly once for those at C/B grade saying we were not doing our best and should do better=🤕

    There is a lot of pressure on children. It’s not right.

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    Exactly what we are doing. First day of today.

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    I wasn’t diagnosed until this year but when I got to breakdown point twice in school my mother just called my head of year and said “there is no way I am sending my child to school in the state she is in. You’ll hear from me when I’ve spoken to the doctor to put plan in place”

    I was extremely lucky to have a mother – a family – like that. Not everyone does. Education should never be put before wellbeing. It’s better to have not as much education as hoped for and be okay than to be highly educated with a shortened life. There’s always adult learning

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    Agree! It’s too easy though for professionals to blame kids & their parents for not attending so parents need to document everything at school which causes stress, anxiety, overload, trauma.

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