Excerpt’s from JG Ballard’s novel Crash, performed on the 5th October 2018. – YouTube

Published on Oct 9, 2018


For many years I had wanted to adapt the book Crash into a live performance piece. I’d already started on a soundtrack version just like my Terminal Beach piece. Which you can see film of on here. So years later I suddenly decided to start again. I had a new magnificent sequencer to play pieces and sound samples with as well. In order to perform I used my best X stand for my synthesiser, which is a very expensive and irreplaceable device. Half way through the round teeth clamp failed. It had never done that before. Cos Chapman hosted me as part of his Witch of the Gate evening at the 100 Years Gallery that fateful friday night on the 5th of October. A huge list of gear was needed and as a result, I failed to get the film started during the show. This was a half hour piece I made up of automotive and erotic images. It even contained a short 1970’s porn film you could find online. Stills of course. Mary Whitehouse remains a seminal figure in my psyche.. All went well. The audience were gripped. Then half way through the X stand collapsed. I had to hold the Access Virus TI Polar and continue regardless. A friend ran up to help. In the end the evenings organiser had to run over too, in order to try and save his very costly powered speaker from the music stand I was using to hold the iPad that contained the pieces to read, and doing the thing in. I was told later the audience loved it. A powerful and striking piece. I got a very good sense of what to read and what not through the experience and look forward to doing it again on a bigger scale. Question is, what will I have collapse the next time?

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