Comedian with Tourette’s Wows “America’s Got Talent” Judges! – W.I.N. – YouTube

Published on Oct 6, 2018


The Week in Neurodiversity The Neurodiversity News Show, hosted by the Different Brains Inc. interns. Today’s host: Adrienne Sassano (3 min 16 sec) In this episode, a comedian with Tourette’s goes viral with his routine on America’s Got Talent, parents experience a simulation of what it’s like to have dyslexia, a young woman from Utah tells why autism is her superpower, and more! [00:11] To kick things off, Samuel J. Comroe is a comedian with Tourette’s whose routine on America’s Got Talent has got viral!… [00:40] Next up, new attention is being given to the emotional well being of those with traumatic brain injuries.… [01:14] Now, let’s look at how a new simulation is allowing parents of children with dyslexia to see what it’s like living with the condition.… [01:42] Next up, English TV personality Anne Hegerty opens up about her life with Asperger’s.… [02:14] And finally, a young woman from Utah explains why autism is her superpower.… Follow Different Brains on social media:… Check out more episodes of The Week in Neurodiversity!…

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