#selectivemutism hashtag on Twitter

Source: #selectivemutism hashtag on Twitter


  1. October is awareness month: A student with SM had to leave a university course because they didn’t allow an alternative to the oral exam — in 2018 this is unacceptable, outdated and ignores the Equality Act.

  2. October is awareness month — Respect our ways of communicating — whispering, gesturing, etc are communicating.

  3. October is awareness month: Wondering how many students with SM have been seriously disadvantaged because of a lack of acceptance and basic accommodations? I believe the focus on ‘treating’ us is causing untold distress and far worse.

  4. Ok, more on This is an anxiety disorder. It occurrs in all types of people. But only in 0.8% of people. A majority of people with Selective Mutism also have a comorbid Social Anxiety Disorder. Autistic people can have SM, but it IS NOT A TRAIT OF AUTISM.

  5. I had accidents until I was 13 because asking permission to go to the restroom was so hard. You really think a 13 year old will choose to wet themselves in order to… Be stubborn? Make a point? Be a bad kid?

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