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#NeuroTribes hashtag on Twitter

Source: #NeuroTribes hashtag on Twitter

  1. claims that is for self-advocates to make them feel proud and doesn’t really include people like my son who was actually in the book whereas is more of a history of which actually it didn’t go back as far in history so…what?

  2. I think wrote as a 1st-of-a-kind historical analysis valuable to all. To suggest he poured himself into a project merely 2 make speaking like me “feel proud of ourselves” or ignore like my son, is IMO insulting to all involved. (3/3)

  3. My son and I regardless, of how anyone perceives our “functioning levels,” had healthy self-esteem before & since . We, as a society, needed and continue to need this great book by a fine author, but my family embraced it 4 its intended purpose, not 2 stroke our egos

  4. I am a speaking parent of a partially speaking autistic son who was interviewed 4 & described in ’s . I welcomed Steve into our world b/c clearly this author was working on an accurate, respectful history of autism. (1/3)

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  6. is claiming that is more positive about Asperger’s historical role; fails to mention that the researcher who was sitting on Asperger’s documents refused to share them w/Silberman but DID share them exclusively with crew.

  7. So because was competing with , and its authors realized they had a scoop, and they asked Czech if they could have an exclusive, and he agreed. And he made them wait two years.”

  8. So once was published and the exclusive landed, Silberman was able to update to reflect the new information.

  9. Audience member want to know how contrasts and compares with . (Audience is rapt.)

  10. In France, we need it, in a french version. Thanks for

  11. A little insomnia from sleeping in the day. Taking advantage of it to pursue the reading of be which I started a few weeks ago before all my illness drama started ☺️– such a fascinating & eye opening book about neurodiversity! Enjoying it so much.

  12. Try instead if you want an ACCURATE account that doesn’t try to justify the murder of children by their own parents.

    so how about giving people .‘s instead? (Steve, I’m trying a dot mention. If this comes up in your notifs that means it didn’t work, so please let me know and I’ll untag you next post.)

  13. “Neurodiversity may be every bit as crucial for the human race as biodiversity is for life in general” Powerful quote from Singer, from

  14. Reading about the inaugural Autreat and tearing up on the train. The accounts of attendees and the empathy and consideration which they felt, is so moving. There is a lovely lesson here, about what can be achieved when people try to understand what others need.

  15. Flow Observatorium Retweeted Autistic Academy

    Thank you for such a smashing message & encouragement for us at our launch If you haven’t read then just do so If you’ve not heard Steve talk then do Both been a catalyst for many people to stand up & ‘make change’

    Flow Observatorium added,

    Here’s a list of strategies that most of you are aware of. These are from Australia so there are some new techniques mentioned. Let us know your thoughts.

    Just finished reading (Aug/Sep) It was so striking how much politics and ego has shaped the discourse about Autism. And, there is a lesson here for research and RE: how we treat types of evidence (AND PEOPLE) cc:

  16. Steve Silberman Retweeted Brooke Winters

    Indeed. The word was coined by Judy Singer, inspired in part by a mentor who had survived polio, as chronicled in .

    Steve Silberman added,

    Listening to on my drive to work, just heard about color-coding name badges at Autism events: 📕I don’t want to talk 📒I’ll talk with people I know 📗Initiate a conversation with me Wondering if that would help the *culture* around events like and

  17. as a 1st-of-a-kind historical analysis valuable to all. To suggest he poured himself into a project merely to make speaking like me “feel proud of ourselves” or ignore autistics like my son, is IMO insulting to all involved. (3/3)

    Steve Silberman Retweeted Dracque Squeal

    In several different ways, this poster is a classic example of the kind of autistic humor I tried to highlight in .

    Steve Silberman added,

  18. Steve Silberman Retweeted Josh Dorian

    Indeed, Josh. And when I wrote , I had no idea that a Republican President of the United States would soon be surrounding himself with open racists and anti-Semites and formulating policies that reflect their views.

    Steve Silberman added,

  19. NEW: An exclusive interview with the great folks at on why I wrote my history of autism, , my day w/, a lesson from Allen Ginsberg, and who should be setting the agenda of autism research.

  20. Honored to be featured by in a long rambling interview about , autism history, the narrative of “cure,” Asperger, and much else. (The hashtag is ‘s idea and it’s cute <grin>).

  21. Replying to 

    A) That’s true. But B) I really tried to make the importance of their contribution clear in . For me, Lorna and Judith’s discovery of the spectrum is the climax of the book.

  22. Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism Retweeted Shannon Rosa

    Must-read on “real” autism and autistics, by , at . No, really, you need to read this.

    Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism added,

  23. Steve Silberman Retweeted Sharon A. Mitchell

    So true: “Alternative facts” and fake news have been flooding the autism parenting community for decades. I wrote about the early days in .

    Steve Silberman added,

  24. I *LOVE* this recent picture of Leo Rosa, the “boy who loves green straws” in , playing a djembe in his school’s drum circle. Go, Leo! [via ]


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