Sizzle Reel: The Atticus McLaren Mysteries has posted an update! | Divergent Productions

By Spring Horton, Divergent Productions


Spring Horton

Sizzle Reel

Hello TeamAtticus!

So excited that some of our actors and our DoP managed to do some shooting over in York. In a couple of weeks, we’ll have some sizzle reels done up, including scenes from The Atticus McLaren Mysteries first movie, some improvised scenes, and some interviews with the cast.

I’ll also be putting these together for our production campaign, which will probably be starting up in November. We’ll also be filming the location scouting trip, livetweeting, and the like, plus we’re putting together a special surprise just for the new campaign!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some screengrabs with you!

Thomas Jennings as Atticus McLaren, doing the actual “Hello sheeps!” scene discussed in the last update!

Atticus and Freddy have a very important discussion about the strange happenings at the York Viking Museum.

Grant Hildebrand and Detective Bruce Barnes discuss Atticus’ possible involvement in said strange happenings.

I feel a promo poster coming on!

Just a little taste of what this show has in store for you. I’m impressed by all of our actors and how well they are starting to embody these characters, as well as the awesome skills of our DoP! We’re so grateful that you all are still along for the ride. So much time, energy, and love is going into this film series, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Visit The Atticus McLaren Mysteries


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