Autism Bringing a New Perspective to Business | PBA

The founder of an autistic-led social enterprise mentoring and empowering autistic people believes businesses are missing out by not actively including autistic people in their workplaces.

Source: Autism Bringing a New Perspective to Business | PBA

2 thoughts on “Autism Bringing a New Perspective to Business | PBA

  1. SonniQ says:

    So true. I have a step soon with Aspergers, now Ann adult. Raising him was a challenge because he was so focused on what he wanted. But that is also what makes them focused as an adult, quite often in the arts, engineering. building things, music. Socially they don’t do very well because they don’t understand why people do what they do. But intellectually, inside their heads? I wish I could crawl in and see how they think.


  2. Eve Reiland | BadassActivist says:

    LOL, well hang out here a bit. I’m autistic, autistic kids, and autistic grandkids soon most likely. ❤ You're in good company here. I'm a co-founder of The Autistic Cooperative, an International Autistic network. We have autistics fighting for human and civil rights around the world. Many of us are very not understood people and want to build bridges, especially with non-autistic parents of autistics, to help create a better future for all of us. Right now the actual autistic crisis is suicide. It's our #1 early cause of death worldwide. our average lifespan is 36 years old due the state of living in a world that doesn't accept difference. We are homeless, hungry, abused, murdered, prison as care, and often are denied basic health care because they dont know how to help autistic people. I've been sent home so many times without help. An Autistic POC … the experience of hate/no help there is just compounded .<3


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