#ABAisAbuse hashtag on Twitter

Source: #ABAisAbuse hashtag on Twitter

  1. Luka Jesse Meindl Retweeted Pacello

    And to be honest, I wouldn’t even train my dog like this

    Luka Jesse Meindl added,

  2. Dr. Elena M Chandler, immigrant Retweeted Amy Sequenzia

    Today is the first annual day of protesting ABA. Here’s to it becoming an annual day of celebrating the abolishment of ABA very soon.

    Dr. Elena M Chandler, immigrant added,

  3. Emma Veronica Retweeted Autistica

    Step 1 – Make ABA illegal Step 2 – Ask Autistic people what they need and do that as opposed to a version of that which is considered to be appropriate by non autistic led organisations. Step 3 – As step 2 for parents of Autistics.

    Emma Veronica added,

  4. Just your daily reminder that ABA groups refuse to listen to people and actively try and silence them.

    ABA “therapy” is abusive and dangerous. No autistic person should ever have to go through ABA.

  5. Actually actively support ABA by listing it as an approach used to “support people with autism to fulfill their potential”

    Let’s Sing The ABA Song Together! – “This is the way you train a dog, train a dog, train a dog! This is the way you train a dog, NOT A HUMAN CHILD!” Next verse, same as the first.

  6. Don’t say autistic person Say the child we’re forcing to look normal so people think we’re a perfect family .

    Yes as Mum I have occasional sad feelings about things like Prom that she won’t get to do but that’s about me. She doesn’t want to socialise in groups. Pushing Autistic people into paramiters of social behaviour that fit neurotypical agendas causes us to self harm.

  7. Ptsd kicking my a$# today. Hypervigilant and wired all day. So much for the hopes of sleep. Ptsd brought to you by

  8. ABA is wrong and about hurting autistic people. I am a human being, not something you can get rid of right away. I am also not something people need to analyze.

  9. Replying to 

    Oh yeaah. I do have a reson for going in about m8. Look up “The Misbehaviour of Behaviourists” by Michelle Dawson, it explains a lot. TW for Ivar lovaas (co-founder of gay conversion camps) if you do tho because he founded ABA as well.

  10. Replying to 

    That’s not a huge red flag at all. An Autism related company not listening and attempting to silence voices. (Sarcasm) Where have I seen that before🤔 oh yeah

  11. my experience with @PEAT_NI taught me that my emotions and fears as an autistic person were not important. but when these fears and emotions started to affect other people, they had to be addressed in ridiculous and inhumane ways.

  12. Phodopus Sungorus Retweeted Emily McDonagh

    Guckt euch das an, so werben ABA-Anbieter! “Did you know that up to half of children diagnosed with autism can recover if they are treated VERY AGGRESSIVELY with ABA therapy when they are very young.” Hervorhebung von mir.

    Phodopus Sungorus added,

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