The Lies and Lows of Kerri Rivera – Autisticate Dalmayne

I have long been following with mounting horror the CD Protocol recommended by Jim Humble and then recommended by Kerri Rivera in the book ‘Healing the symptoms known as Autism’.

IMG_7489In this book read by thousands of desperate parents who have been brainwashed by the Autism Speaks mentality that autism is a disease or sickness she recommends using Chlorine Dioxide bleach to ‘heal’ autism.

She alleges that parasitic rope worms in the children’s intestines and bowels are causing the children to be autistic. To rid them of their autism which she likens to ‘being in chains’ she has set out a strict diet and protocol.

It includes using CD in baths, sprays and internal enemas.

The result of this as you can see in attached links and screenshots is shedding of bowel lining, excess mucous from the bowel, green stools, abdominal pain and internal bleeding, nosebleeds, seizures and hair loss. Teeth turning black, sores and rashes, nails flaking, kidney failure and dehydration.

Source: The Lies and Lows of Kerri Rivera – Autisticate Dalmayne

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