Adventures in Autism: Jon Shestack of CAN and Autism Speaks Makes A Personal Response

This morning Jon Shestack, founder of CAN and board member of Autism Speaks left a very personal, very public response to the events of the last month that culminated in yesterday’s New York Times front page story on the Wrights. I am honored that he chose to make his response here on my blog.


Mr. Shestak’s remarks and my response [A-CHAMP’s John Gilmore’s response has been added:


I write first as the father of Dov, a 15 year old boy who is very challenged by autism., Secondly as the founder of Cure Autism Now and finally as a board member of Autism Speaks.


I was moved when I read Katie Wrights letter on the NAS website. I thought it was brave, and thoughtful and courteous. And because there has been so much strife in our community and I have felt so heartsick about it, her letter moved me to share some thoughts—


Katie Wright is a devoted mom with a very sick child, and she is looking high and low for something that will help him.


Bob and Suzanne Wright are loving parents and grandparents dealing with a double shot of grief, one for their daughter and one for their grandson. They, too, are looking as hard as they are able for something to help him.


And so am I. The search for answers is what prompted me to start Cure Autism Now.

And though we haven’t found the answers yet, the one thing I am pretty sure about is that we won’t find them any faster by insisting that everyone search in exactly the same place.


Whether we try to heal autism with environmental research, genetic research,

prayer books, Phds , double blind studies, or business plans written by consulting firms, aren’t we all honest, brave, sad and good? Don’t we all love the autistic people in our lives for who they are, and don’t we all also want more for them?

Source: Adventures in Autism: Jon Shestack of CAN and Autism Speaks Makes A Personal Response

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