List of Defeat Autism Now Practitioners

This registry was obtained from the Autism Research Institute in 2009.  DAN has discontinued releasing its list of practitioners, so it is a bit out of date but may still be of use.  Everything on this page, except for my words of advice in the paragraph below are from the Autism Research Institute.  This list of practitioners does not constitute an endorsement on the part of Autism Coach and is provided for informational purposes.

Words of advice in selecting a medical practitioner from Autism Coach:  Even with practitioner’s on this list, many of whom helped individuals within the autism spectrum make significant improvements, do your homework and get referrals and reviews of these practitioners from local support groups and from the internet before making a commitment of time and money.  The feedback I have received from parents over the years indicates that many parents perceive many of these practitioners to have been incredibly helpful and other parents have indicated they have not receiving the level of attention they would like and/or feel they have been overcharged.


Source: List of Defeat Autism Now Practitioners

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