He beat autism now helps others

26-YEAR-OLD DIAGNOSED AS PROFOUNDLY AUTISTIC WHEN HE WAS 2, BUT WHO BEARS NO TRACES OF THE AFFLICTIONBY PATRICIA REANEY Reprinted from Star Bulletin, USA”We use a child’s own motivation as our doorway in. We use what they want to do not our own agenda.” Raun KaufmanThe Son-Rise Program® has succeeded where medical experts have given up.LONDON — Looking at 26-year-old Raun Kaufman, it is impossible to believe he was diagnosed as profoundly autistic when he was barely 2.The articulate American bears no traces of the mysterious condition that robs children of perception and traps them in their own world. But nearly a quarter-century ago, doctors advised the curly-haired toddler’s parents to institutionalize their only son, saying his condition was irreversible.”The diagnosis and the prognosis was the same across the board from different people. I was diagnosed as profoundly autistic and severely retarded. They actually gave me an IQ test, and I tested below 30,” he said during a visit to London.

Source: He beat autism now helps others

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