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“TOXINS” – Exposing AutismOne


Claims that “toxins” cause autism are part of a general trend of blaming ill-defined “toxins” for an array of health effects along with promises that detoxes cure those ailments. Read more in this article at Science-Based Medicine, Toxins: The New Evil Humours.

The first important thing to get out of the way is that people talking about toxins everywhere aren’t even using the word properly. “Toxicants” is a general term for any toxic substance. “Toxin” is a term for the subset of toxicants that are produced naturally by plants and animals. Improper use of the correct vocabulary is a sign that claims should be approached with skepticism.

The second important point is that the very idea of detoxing is based on a number of faulty premises not backed by science or evidence. Most importantly that there is no credible evidence that “detoxes” actually remove these supposed toxicants.

Source: “TOXINS” – Exposing AutismOne

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