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As with many of the products promoted at AutismOne, the problem with claims related to essential oils is that the claims are greatly exaggerated and do not include disclaimers about the limitations of the current evidence or the possible risks involved in using them (as is required by ethical and legal guidelines for actual medical practitioners).

“Kid Nurse”, a pediatric nurse practitioner, has written a two-part series on essential oils.

  1. Why Essential Oils Aren’t Natural highlights the double standard we have about the burden of proof for things we perceive as “natural”
  2. House of Cards: The Toxic Combination of Essential Oils and Multi-Level Marketing highlights the problems with combining exaggerated health claims with multi-level marketing.

From Science-Based Medicine, dōTERRA: Multilevel Marketing of Essential Oils provides links and information about the evidence for and against the use of essential oils for specific ailments.

FDA warning letters to dōTERRA and Young Living, two of the largest sellers of essential oils in the US. Here are all the FDA warning letters that relate to essential oils.


Source: Other topics – Exposing AutismOne

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