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GMOs/Glyphosate – Exposing AutismOne



Many AutismOne speakers promote the idea that the introduction of genetically engineered food in the mid-1990s and the use of glyphosate (RoundUp) are the cause of autism. This argument stems almost entirely from the claims of Stephanie Seneff, a computer scientist. The crux of Seneff’s claims is that the increase in autism rates correlate in time with an increase in cultivation of transgenic crops (the accurate term for GMOs), thus GMOs and a corresponding increase in glyphosate use must cause autism. The tongue in cheek response to this is to compare the risorganic-food-autisme in autism diagnoses with the rise in organic food sales or to point people to this website that identifies all sorts of unrelated things that happen to have a high correlation.

They also suggest that removing GMOs from the diet will reverse autism. This claim is nonsense based on what we know about the genetics and neuroscience of autism.

There are many claims about the health effects and GMOs. Here, we focus specifically on the supposed link between GMOs and autism and provide science- and evidence-based articles about this question.

Source: GMOs/Glyphosate – Exposing AutismOne

By Eve Reiland

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