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It’s a protein that is normally found in the blood of healthy people. It is an immunomodulatory protein, in that its activity affects the function of the immune system. The glycoprotein (a protein with sugar molecules attached) GcMAF results from sequential deglycosylation of the vitamin D-binding protein (the Gc protein), and the resulting protein is felt to be a macrophage activating factor (MAF). MAFs are a class of protein known as a lymphokine, and they regulate the expression of antigens on the surface of macrophages. One of their functions is to “activate” macrophages, which can under the proper circumstances attack cancer cells.

(From: GcMAF and the life and death of an autism quack – this article also includes much of the history of the claims for using GcMAF in autism as well as the conspiracy theories about the suicide of one of the main proponents of GcMAF for autism, Dr. Bradstreet)

No GcMAF treatments for anything have been approved by the FDA, making selling it for medicinal use illegal. It has not been demonstrated to be either safe or effective, although studies are ongoing to at least determine safety.


Source: GcMAF – Exposing AutismOne

By Eve Reiland

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