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AutismOne speaker Zen Honeycutt’s Latest Nonsense – Exposing AutismOne

Source: AutismOne speaker Zen Honeycutt’s Latest Nonsense – Exposing AutismOne


Zen Honeycutt (Bachelor of Fine Arts) is the founder of the organization Moms Across America (MAA) whose raison d’être is to remove GMOs and glyphosate from the food supply to cure everything from neurodevelopmental issues (like autism and ADHD) to infertility to infection diseases (like pneumonia). This on its own is a big red flag – the idea that there is one cause for ALL THE THINGS should raise your skeptical eyebrows.  In fact, she goes so far as to blame cancer, mental illness, school shootings, infertility and the overall “demise of our families and society” on a common cause induced by ingestion of glyphosate and a “leaky gut”.

She is speaking again this year to promote a GMO-free diet as a cure for autism. Basically, she believes that glyphosate residues on GMOs (but not glyphosate residues on non-GMOs, apparently) are the cause of autism. Read elsewhere on this site where we discuss the scientific evidence regarding this.

By Eve Reiland

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