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GcMAF Offered To Cure Terminal Cancer For £20,000 – Autisticate Dalmayne


Attached are three links, please be sure to look at the Amanda Mary Jewell exposè on the BBC show radio 5 live and to click on the YouTube links provided.

On the 3rd of Nov I received a call at approximately 6pm UK time from Amanda Mary Jewell, I asked her to please phone me back and went upstairs to wait for the call.

She phoned back about twenty minutes later and told me in a friendly manner that I should call her Mary, as all the women in her family are called Amanda.

I was forced to use the worst accent I could as she knows me well as an autism rights campaigner and would have recognised my voice.

She did however, give me permission to record the conversation as I needed ‘my father’ to listen to it later as ‘he’s the one who has the money’.

Source: GcMAF Offered To Cure Terminal Cancer For £20,000 – Autisticate Dalmayne

By Eve Reiland

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