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#TakeTheMaskOff: Autism at work – The Autistic Advocate

Masking impacts all autistic people to some degree, but those who tend to be able to Mask better, appear to be those who can hold down employment, at least for a period of time anyway.

Throughout #TakeTheMaskOff I’ve become intrigued with certain aspects of Masking, but one issue is something that cuts me directly to my core:
Disclosing at work.
Autism and the workplace has a curious relationship.  You will see many percentages and figures banded around that show that Autistic people have mass unemployment such as the National Autistic Society’s statement that only 16% of Autistic people are in full-time employment and only 32% of Autistic people are in employment at all.

A blog about Autism, Neurodiversity, being Autistic and a parent of Autistic children.

Source: #TakeTheMaskOff: Autism at work – The Autistic Advocate

By Eve Reiland

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