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Jenny McCarthy Keynote Address |

Jenny McCarthy Keynote – Saturday, May 29

In 2007 Jenny McCarthy burst on the autism scene with the publication of her New York Times bestseller, Louder Than Words. A first-person narrative, Jenny chronicled her son’s diagnosis in 2005, her search for answers and Evan’s healing journey.

It is a courageous work. A successful model, actor, and author there was no reason for Jenny to write it and every reason not to.

Scientists and celebrities alike know implicating vaccines and autism is the third rail. Retribution is swift and sure and the Internet is littered with cautionary tales.

But unlike so many who came before her Jenny refuses to be defined by what she cannot say. Poised and purposeful Jenny accomplishes what for decades no doctor or scientist has been able to do – Jenny, a mom, firmly placed autism and vaccines in the public debate.

It is a monumental achievement. In the face of seventy years of accumulated dogma, every accredited university program, the CDC, NIH, AAP, AMA, HHS, and mainstream media Jenny is not intimidated and speaks the truth.

The overall message is positive. Jenny introduces America to the concept of recovery. A diagnosis of autism does not have to be lifelong and forever. Jenny writes and talks about prevention providing answers to some of the most difficult and perplexing questions parents face.

Instead of being welcomed Jenny’s appearances on The View,Oprah, and Larry King Live! create panic in pediatric and public heath care officials anxiously looking to convince parents everything is fine with vaccines and autism is genetic.

In two short years Jenny becomes a board member of Generation Rescue, leads a rally in Washington DC and publishes two moreNYT bestsellers, Mother Warriors and Healing and Preventing Autism.

Yet resistance by the establishment grows. More and more vaccines are added to the schedule. Less and less attention is paid to recovering children or identifying the underlying causes of the epidemic.

Autism is the number one pediatric health crisis in the world today and given the do-nothing attitude by the government autism organizations are working more closely than ever before.

AutismOne and Generation Rescue share common values and we are delighted to be joining together to bring you a conference that educates, inspires, empowers and helps our children get better.

Don’t miss Jenny’s keynote Saturday, May 29 at 11:30 am!Source: Jenny McCarthy Keynote Address |

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