The Horror of #AntiVaxxers and how they treat autistic people | w/@edalmayne & @badassactivist Eve Reiland was live with Emma Dalmayne — with Bill Reiland. Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. Guest surprise and yes those hatin antivaxxers Emma Dalmayne and Eve Reiland talk about the bs heaped on our community by these "Autism Moms." And the fake cures that can kill.

Debunking vaccine myths – Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy

My friend Dr. Rachael Dunlop is a tireless promoter of science and fighter of antivaccination propaganda. I somehow missed this when she wrote it last November, but she put together a fantastic article tearing apart a whole passel of antivax lies: "9 vaccination myths busted. With Science". It’s basically one-stop shopping for the truth about … Continue reading Debunking vaccine myths – Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy