Trainings help foster parents support kids coping with trauma

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Training Caregivers to Help Kids Heal After Trauma

A comprehensive training program — developed by the Casey Foundation’s child welfare experts and the Justice Resource Institute — teaches foster parents and kin caregivers how to support children who are grappling with trauma.

The Foundation encourages public agencies and those training caregivers to use the training program, called ARC Reflections, which is available for free online.

Over nine sessions, foster parents learn to:

  • identify patterns and situations that either soothe or upset a child;
  • aid children in building skills to better regulate their emotions and behavior;
  • strengthen healthy bonds with the kids in their care; and
  • manage their response to trying circumstances.

Learn more about ARC Reflections


U.S. Population Grows as Its Share of Children Shrinks

Over the last two decades, the population count in every state has increased, resulting in a 20% uptick in the nation’s total population (going from 269.4 million Americans in 1996 to 323.1 million in 2016).

Despite this growth, 21 states and the District of Columbia saw their number of children shrink from 1996 to 2016. Across the country, kids now represent a smaller share of the population, going from 26% to 23% over the same time period.

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Source: Trainings help foster parents support kids coping with trauma

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