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Source: About Us | Autistic Inclusive Meets


Autistic Inclusive Meets/AIM

Our Aims Are:

To enable families with autistic children, and autistic individuals to get out into the community and socialise in an accepting inclusive environment with like-minded peers.

To provide monthly meet up dates and times at museums, parks and places of interest.

To make available funded meals and trips out with fares for transport provided for families and individuals.

To arrange and facilitate trips for adults into the community allowing otherwise socially cut off individuals to thrive and instigate friendships.

To fund families and individuals to go on holiday breaks that they otherwise could not afford, renting out a fully disabled-friendly wheelchair-adapted bungalow or caravan for a week.

To rent premises for a weekly special needs playgroup with sensory toys/aids/apparatus and outdoor wheelchair-friendly play area.

To purchase sensory equipment including weighted blanket and compression vests.

To provide support and advice to families and individuals.

To promote acceptance of autism and educate the general public.

To protect autistic rights and campaign against autistic mistreatment.

To provide telephone and email helplines for members feeling anxious and requiring a caring individual to speak to them for support.

To fund families wishing to purchase sensory toys, specialist clothing and aids (weighted vest; helmet; chewy tube devices), Maclaren Major buggies, and to have a lending service for all such items.

To provide life skill training for teenagers, such as trips to supermarket and launderette, accompanied by a volunteer to encourage them to interact and enable more independence.

No personal gain is to be taken from any funding received.

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