A batch of idiots on Twitter | All about Anti-Vaxxers

While using my political account to support California’s SB18 proposal and jumping on it’s detractors, the cow manure hit the fan resulting in another addition to the AV Name Check and some already on it jumping in as well – including a couple I had already blocked.

The new addition is Chris Collins, who presently resides in tourist mode from what I can gather in Chiang Rai in Thailand. The man is totally deluded, making obviously bogus claims such as;

  • FDA says there’s a vaccine link to autism
  • Chance of flu shot working’s like betting on a horse at 1/10 odds & you don’t know what race it’s in.
  • Vaccines are not safe. Epidemic proof is 1 in 50 getting autism.
  • Hygiene sanitation sewage control heating refridge did it, not Vx. Again decline in diseases occurred BEFORE vaccine intro.
  • Polio outbreak in 40s 50s ended w/ DDT ban in 70s.
  • Yet body’s natural defenses rid toxins up to 98% if ingested. Vaccines bypass defenses go straight into organs.
  • Yet as we learned from Dr. Neides’ letter the vaccine w/o mercury (thimerosal) still has formaldehyde – linked to cancer.
  • Heavy metals mercury alum formaldehyde too add up.

Source: A batch of idiots on Twitter | All about Anti-Vaxxers

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