Texas nurse under investigation after posting about patient’s measles on anti-vaccination page

A nurse at a hospital in Texas where a toddler tested positive for measles is now under investigation, according to hospital officials. Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston said it stopped a nurse from seeing patients after she reportedly posted about a young boy’s condition on an anti-vaccination

Source: Texas nurse under investigation after posting about patient’s measles on anti-vaccination page

  • Laura

    Laura1 hour ago

    That country with measles cases might have been in Europe. I’m from Romania, where the vaccination rate has dropped bellow 85% (95% is recommended for efficient herd immunity). For the last couple of years we’ve had over 15000 cases of measles (90% never vaccinated individuals). and 59 deaths.
  • Joe

    Joe1 hour ago

    Freedom of speech…not freedom of consequence.
  • Dalp

    Dalp1 hour ago

    If you can’t trust the advice of medical professionals on vaccines, what is your stance if they recommend surgery for something? At what point do you start trusting them?
  • Viking

    Viking1 hour ago

    Polio, smallpox, diphtheria, measles, tetanus, chicken pox, mumps, whooping cough. We haven’t seen epidemics because of vaccines. FDR helped start the March of Dimes to get a polio vaccine developed. No one thinks about the summers kids couldn’t go outside because of polio epidemics and iron lungs.
    My son got every vaccine available at the time. I would do it again.
  • bluto

    bluto1 hour ago

    Given that there are a few patients w Measels at a single hospital and dates and times of visits can identify the patient this can easily be a privacy violation as well.
  • 86x675f422211

    86x675f4222113 hours ago

    facebook again. when will people learn not to post on facebook with their real name
  • Genoveva

    Genoveva57 minutes ago

    WHY is she working in medicine?
  • AgentOrange

    AgentOrange1 hour ago

    How does a nurse not believe in the merits of vaccination…
  • Red

    Red2 hours ago

    If you do not believe in modern medicine, you should not be working in the healthcare industry.

Atheist1 hour ago

Draw a Venn diagram. In one circle write “AntiVaxxers” and in the other circle write “Flat Earthers”. Notice how well the circles overlap?
Rich53 minutes ago
As a nurse for 50 years, I have lived through the no -vacc. era. I had friends who were paralyzed from polio and my sister almost died from whooping cough. I believe this nurse should lose her license for breaking confidentiality but mostly for going against what is universally accepted as good health practice around the world. People look to nurses for sound advice and help in making positive health decisions. She is putting people at risk by not promoting actions that easily prevent serious diseases. She needs to chose another line of work that does not depend on the application of scientific data and common sense. Also, all hospitals should require nurses to be vaccinated as a requirement of employment. We should all be very frightened to be exposed to unvaccinated caregivers.
  • Chad Stacy

    Chad Stacy5 hours ago

    This is a great example of correlation and causation. Vaccines are the reason why we don’t suffer from these diseases. Duh.
  • Jamie

    Jamie2 hours ago

    What DID they teach her in nursing school about the history of disease?
    FYI 1 out of every 4 to 5 kids used to die before the age of 19 200 years ago,
    mostly from measles and other ”childhood” ailments.
    Another example of the wave of unreason sweeping America.
  • Helen

    Helen55 minutes ago

    She had never seen a case… Back in the day before vaccinations, we mothers, and medical staff, saw it all the time. Guess we were used to it. My children got it all, except for my son who got cow pox and missed out on one. Spent a lot of time with Calamine lotion. Didn’t routinely take them to a doctor in those days, as they were contagious. We mothers shared information on how to take care of them, or asked the pharmacist. I never knew of anyone personally who died of any of the childhood diseases. As for myself, mother said I had German measles and nothing else. Polio, scarlet fever and TB were the scary ones.
  • Timothy

    Timothy1 hour ago

    There’s no place for science-deniers on a hospital staff.
  • Brian

    Brian1 hour ago

    If you don’t understand and appreciate how vaccines work and why they are miracles to modern public health, you’d never make it through med school
  • David

    David1 hour ago

    Facebook is not a news source. Also, Twitter is not a judicial system
  • Michael

    Michael1 hour ago

    While vaccines are important there is a subset of the population where they do harm. Ask my nephew who became paralyzed after a Hep C vaccine. Nearly 3 years of rehab at Mayo Clinic. Just saying they are not a one size fits all.
  • Deep State

    Deep State1 hour ago

    I can’t believe we’re still talking about this: Vaccinate your Kids. Their lives depend on it.
  • Joe

    Joe1 hour ago

    You know, back in the 1800’s, people didn’t have vaccines or antibiotics, they didn’t have all of our modern technology, they didn’t have access to vitamin-rich food and clean water, and they lived to the ripe old age of “died in childbirth”…You know, like the United States is going back to..

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