Katie Wright Discusses Vaccines & Autism on Oprah | Autism Speaks Founding Family Member Pushes #EndAutismNow Back In 2007 & Today.

Note: The Following Is Propaganda pushed by Katie Wright. All links go to further propaganda and autistic hate. Click at your own risk.

In 2007, on live TV, Oprah looked at Katie Wright and said, “Say what you want to say.” Katie said that her son had terrible adverse vaccine reactions and was now chronically ill and autistic—like countless other autism parents. She also said that appropriate safety testing of the effects of multiple vaccines on babies has never been done.

THAT WAS MORE THAN A DECADE AGO. Sadly, proper safety testing has still not been done on the effects of multiple vaccines, and the rates of autism have continued to drastically increase. #EndAutismNow

[Read what Katie wrote about from that media appearance experience here:

http://bit.ly/2KUDFzv] Ranked #1 on Amazon in new books on Vaccinations, Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome and Immunology, J.B. Handley’s book “How to End the Autism Epidemic” is an eye-opening revelation and a must read. Pre-order your copy today (available September 19, 2018):


In this new book, Handley confronts and dismantles the most common lies about vaccines and autism and lays out in detail what the truth actually is. Early Praise: “This book is inspired, powerful, the unadulterated truth, and a must read. We have sacrificed too many children at the vaccine altar…

How to End the Autism Epidemic is one family’s story, but it is sadly also a story shared by millions of families.” —Paul Thomas, MD, coauthor of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan and The Addiction Spectrum “Handley has helped bring the issue of toxins in medical products and regulatory corruption to a tipping point. His advocacy has lifted the curtain of lies behind which the autism epidemic has sprouted.

Please read this book and decide for yourself if you still believe that vaccines are ‘safe and effective.’” —Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“I honestly believe J.B. Handley wrote the book that will end the autism epidemic. He breaks down the scientific information in a way that doesn’t intimidate the reader. And he lets us know it’s okay to be angry. His soul, his fight, his love for his son radiates off the pages.” —Jenny McCarthy, author of Louder Than Words; coauthor of Healing and Preventing Autism

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