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Source: News about #Atypical on Twitter

  1. Autistic 🤖Guy 🧔🏻LA 🏖Retweeted Atypical

    This is . Atypical didn’t cast an lead actor. Atypical also didn’t use any autistic writers, directors, or producers. Don’t be like Atypical.

    Autistic 🤖Guy 🧔🏻LA 🏖added,

  2. If ‘s producers could come over here to this side of Twitter, some have an awful lot of complaints about their show.

  3. Season 2 premieres September 7 — FIRST LOOK:

  4. Replying to 

    I somehow made myself watch the entire first season of . “Dumpster fire” is an accurate descriptor. Autism stereotyping aside, the flagrant misogyny going on with nearly every female character was also hugely problematic. Unfortunate that they haven’t learned anything.

  5. NoPuzzl Retweeted NoPuzzl

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  6. If you’re not a masochist, I watched and summarized/reviewed every single individual episode of season 1 so you don’t have to sit through it.

  7. It’s a rough world out there, that’s why you need your family. is back September 7!

  8. I’ve been meaning to watch it, but with all of the bad rep it’s getting here in the culture I feel like I may have to opt out.

  9. The new trailer for season two is out! Watch it here: and share your thoughts below!

  10. NoPuzzl Retweeted AutisticScienceLady

    This is one Autistic person’s complaint.

    NoPuzzl added,

  11. Relatedly if you guys are taking guests I’d love to talk about season 2 when it’s out. I can’t speak for but he might be interested too.

  12. NoPuzzl Retweeted Ari Ne’eman

    have literally made jokes about the Neurotypical majority using your hashtag the show is so bad for us .

    NoPuzzl added,

  13. Fiona Smith Retweeted Netflix Life

    Can’t wait for this!

    Fiona Smith added,

  14. POSTER – – S02 – Netflix

  15. just started watching and i LOVE it

  16. I don’t have any trouble but.. I’ve watched the whole series 3 times 😉

  17. Replying to 

    Oh! I must have missed this. – hey, all! Did anyone of our lot online participate in any chats with groups communicating with about ? Particularly in the UK, seeing as I’m based there, but internationally, too!

  18. ALSO I’m excited for S2 because I didn’t even know there would be one!!! AND ITS releasing on Sept 7! SO HAPPY ^_^

  19. on Netflix is a solid show

  20. Having trouble with my trailer review video for Atypical Season 2 guys. Gonna try a different app tonight and should be on my YouTube channel tonight.

  21. 📸 : Brigette sur Instagram.

  22. Season 2 Trailer: The Gardner Family Tries to Piece Itself Together as Sam Faces the Idea of College

  23. I just started watching and i love it 😍

  24. That’s messed up to just end the season that way

  25. season 2 coming on to Netflix in September has literally made my day 😍

  26. season 2 on September the 7th on ! OMG ! OMG ! OMG Just can’t wait ! 😱😱😱😱😱🥳

  27. Season 2 of is coming Sept 7th! 🐧🐧🐧 Will you be watching? We will and think you should as well. season 1 is now streaming and one the best and most important shows on

  28. First with and now with . is committed to misrepresenting forms of disability and they should be held accountable! We all loved but we shouldn’t allow them to cover this up with it!!

  29. Nancy Retweeted Atypical

    Clearing my schedule Sept 7th for my binge. I ❤️this show.

    Nancy added,

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