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As Seen On Facebook | #EndAutismNow is ableist. You may hear that “oh it’s not YOUR autism, it’s the “Bad one”. Let me be 100% clear: AUTISM IS AUTISM. via Shayna Gier

#EndAutismNow is ableist.

You may hear that “oh it’s not YOUR autism, it’s the “Bad one”.

Let me be 100% clear:


These things that people often say are “the bad Autism”, are not Autism at all!

These are things that NON-AUTISTICS deal with too- or can deal with.

Thus, they CANNOT be Autism.

Try to cure co-morbids. I have NO qualms against someone finding a cure for epilepsy- or any number of other co-morbids.

But you know what epilepsy is NOT?

It’s not Autism.

Curing epilepsy will NOT “End Autism”. It will just improve the lives of a lot of people.

There are not “different Autisms”. There is Autism, and it’s co-morbidities.

Deleting, or curing a co-morbid will NOT effect if a person is Autistic or not. It just won’t.

So #EndEpilepsy#EndApraxia#EndCeliac#EndComorbids All you want

But you will NEVER #EndAutism. Now. or Ever.

And I really, really wish you would stop trying to.

Cevyn Lydian
Cevyn Lydian Exactly. Those who want to cure something should focus their energy on actual diseases, not neurological differences.
Jessica Leonard
Jessica Leonard Perfect timing, I’m sharing this 😘
Brad Potts

Brad Potts Autism is not autism – the degree to which one person is effected by their own autism can be very different from another.

I believe Shayna’s child is three and talking. My child is five and non-verbal, and that is not a result of co-morbids.See More

Brad Potts replied · 113 Replies · 32 mins
Corinne Minshall
Corinne Minshall I wish more people understood about co-morbid conditions as they blame autism for everything when in actuality it’s many times from something else.
Rob van der Wal replied · 3 Replies · 5 hrs
Jen Elcheson
Jen Elcheson Thank you for this. ❤️
Kipi Guentner
Kipi Guentner This is the same concept that Deaf people have said forever when hearing people think they need to be fixed. Neurotypicals think everyone should be like them instead of just loving people the way they are. We can learn so much from the diversity in the world.

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