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#endautismnow hashtag on Twitter

Source: #endautismnow hashtag on Twitter

  1. anybody who supports is retarded, and by that I mean you’re fucking stupid. how about we get a new # going, it’s called . much better, isn’t it?

    The Autistic Crisis is now. [TW: suicide] Please take a stand with Autistics and help us live. – no, end the autistic crisis now and help autistics to live better lives.

  2. There are people online accusing those of us who have been diagnosed with ASD as being fakes. They are getting very mad at us if we don’t seem autistic enough or find good traits from our autism. So… Is anyone on or faking it?

  3. I think that point only comes through from the news coverage if you look into it and know what you’re talking about. You say obviously, and it is obvious to me, however I don’t think it is obvious to others at all and certainly not to the people behind etc

  4. Replying to 

    . And I can give you thousands of parents testimonies their children were not born with

  5. [CW suicide] . . . . . , blocking us for wanting to speak for ourselves, nappy kinks are more important than us, been a wild fucking ride this week folks. Pretty glad the work situation that had me slipping into suicidal ideation is sorted now. . . . . . [CW suicide]

  6. Yeah, it is labeled . Hundreds of thousands of parents had a healthy normal child, got them vaccinated & witnessed them lose language, eye contact, cognitive function. Develop seizures, tics, self injury, stims.

  7. Replying to   and 4 others

    Eliminate Vaccine injury, we will see a decrease in autism diagnosis, therefore people won’t feel like we are trying eliminate them. . But until then, we’re stuck with

  8. 1. Vaccine injury is a thing. 2. Autism is a thing. 3. Some autistic experience vaccine injuries. 4. So do some non-autistic people. 5. Vaccination is not contra-indicated for ALL humans. 6. Vaccines don’t cause autism. So why is this campaign called ?

  9. I am Sarah  🤘Retweeted Eve Reiland

    Disgusting humans pushing quackery for profit off the backs of people. Thankfully many people are wise to their shameful tactics but not enough is being done about it. is a disgrace.

    I am Sarah  🤘added,

  10. Replying to   and 9 others

    At least, this is how it seems to me. The extent of your disability and the extent to which you care for disabled people, don’t count in the eyes of the people. They don’t want your help, your insight about what helps. They only want you to hate what they hate.

  11. Replying to   and 9 others

    Temple has been incredibly rude to autistics who don’t work, even teenagers who don’t have part-time jobs have been directly lambasted. So the only thing these people have that unites them with Temple Grandin appears to be a hatred of disability.

  12. Replying to   and 8 others

    And yet she promotes the value of autism to certain jobs. So even by their own standards, if they are trying to , then they would have to say she’s out of line by calling herself autistic when she is not ‘severe’.

  13. Dr. Elena M Chandler, immigrant Retweeted SpeechTherapyServices

    Great link. The circumstances where there is no research or support for autistics in terms of our shortened lifespans and high suicide rates echoes the movement and seems like a back-door form of eugenics. Show us that you don’t want us dead…

    Dr. Elena M Chandler, immigrant added,

  14. Replying to 

    Thanks for linking this!! I will share this widely. I really would like to see some hel in this area – to me, it echoes the movement and seems like a back-door form of eugenics. The numbers are staggering.

  15. Stu (Ferret) Ferrol Retweeted NowThis

    How do you answer this vaxxers?

    Stu (Ferret) Ferrol added,

  16. Allies Everywhere Retweeted Erin Ekins

    Here’s a really important point on Being different doesn’t make you bad or wrong. Being different is a new perspective you maybe didn’t realize & makes the world a better place. Eugenics was, is, & always will be a myopic and never for the betterment of humankind.

    Allies Everywhere added,

  17. As someone who is possibly autistic, what the actual fuck is going on? Feel like banging my head against a 2×4 repeatedly

  18. it’s so upsetting to think people believe myself and millions of others should not exist just bc of a condition we have. we have as much of a right to live as everyone else and people shouldn’t be trying to suggest otherwise. and no, vaccines do not cause it.

  19. For fucks sake. I meant to shower like an hour ago but then I saw and got angry and hyperfixated on it and now it’s midnight and I can’t stop looking at it. I just wanna shower!!

  20. is pure hate speech. Most of the time I live my life blissfully unaware of the hate that people have for me and my condition but it’s things like this that remind me of the hate and of the danger I’m in and leave me in tears feeling absolutely hopeless

  21. At least you finally accepted that he has autism. I guess that’s something. He is not bullying you. As an autistic person that has been bullied my entire life for being different I can definitively tell you that. is despicable and hurtful. Don’t respond to me

  22. ^_^ Retweeted Jane Smith

    hate & venom from cultist ‘it is actually hate speak & discriminatory you are have the unmitigated gall to pretend you care about people with autism? You only care about your agenda

    ^_^ added,

  23. ^_^ Retweeted Eve Reiland

    J.B.Handley’s book How To End The Autism Epidemic endorsed by Vax conspiracist Robert Kennedy Jr Cofounder of & eugenicists activists partnered with all want to

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  24. Replying to   and 3 others

    you are heartless. You have the unmitigated gall to pretend you care about people with autism? You only care about your agenda. = 1986 National Vaccine Injury Act

  25. Why does everyone hate us so much? We deserve the right to exist just as much as anyone else. If you aren’t autistic, you’ve no right to comment on our right to life. I am autistic and I am proud of it. Please don’t

  26. Replying to 

    I pity your poor child. You are in complete denial. can and do cause . I’d rather read this book, which contains the truth. .

  27. ^_^ Retweeted Jane Smith

    Classic trolling of Peeps by cultists Jane’s vitriol 👇 children deserve RESPECT. Kindness. Love. . sorry if it inconveniences you

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  28. Replying to   and 3 others

    children deserve RESPECT. Kindness. Love. . sorry if it inconveniences you.

  29. ^_^ Retweeted Eve Reiland

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  30. Replying to   and 48 others

    Every anti-vaxxer who believes in, or supports, the campaign wants to eliminate autism, and therefore, autistics.

  31. Seeing all the crap on Twitter is depressing. I know it can be incredibly hard being autistic/having an autistic kid, but it’s not a fucking disease to be eradicated. And twats can sod off as well. One doesn’t equal the other.

  32. For all the times you tagged in tweets about ’s disgraceful tag, has anyone actually taken the time to respond to you? Surely, if they truly believed in the somebody would’ve done by now.

  33. Deb W Retweeted Andrea

    Exactly, Andrea! . Not the people. Not the one we love.

    Deb W added,

  34. Would never want to “end” this guy. He’s my world.💙 Would love to end the debilitating condition he has to live with.

  35. Replying to  

    That’s an incorrect assumption that when someone tweets that they are a McCarthy fan. They don’t own that #. Nor is anyone wanting to eliminate people. Nor are they Nazis. This man needs to step down. The severe population and their families matter.

  36. ^_^ Retweeted Eve Reiland

    for Autistics ought to look more like…? will autistic youth feel included by your partnering with of

    ^_^ added,

  37. oh hell no. We are worthy of life.

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