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As Seen On Twitter | J.B. Handley Calls #ActuallyAutistic People “Certifiably Insane” & “Complete And Utter Idiots” 


“This is autism. This is the autism I wantto ‘end’ by preventing babies from having their brains poisoned during critical phase of brain development. This is not a gift, either to this poor beautiful child or his family.

If you are a member of the neurodiverse community and you “think”this is a gift that this child is born with, I think you are certifiable insane. Complete and utter idiots who claim my book is “hate speech” haven’t read my book.

Once you do, you will realize the goal of my book is simple:end the poisoning of a generation of children. Full stop.

#notbornwithit #notagift

My response to the ridiculous neurodiverse protesting my book they haven’t read .

Great blog about neurodiversity.

(Note: It is a very fragile thing to sho a child with autism comitting acts of self-injury and having seizures. This video was already online with more than 500k views so i re-posted it. While I encourage parents to show the world whta autism can look like, I have also the deepest respect for any family’s desire for privacy and discretion)


By Eve Reiland

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