You Keep Me – DeveReaux’s Newfound Words

Warmer than my heart ever wanted to be

Cooler than I thought the words should be

Further along than I needed you to

Closer than I was ready for

Sensual enough to keep me praying

Distant enough to keep me wondering

Why do I even like you

We never see each other

Some days the state line feels galaxies away

So close, so unbearably far

Why do I stall when it comes to telling you

Why am I afraid of what you might say

And instead give you nothing to respond to

I know you better

Than I ever thought I wanted to

And you know more about me

Than myself sometimes

I feel I just met you yesterday

Even though it was yesterday’s ago

I feel like I just me yesterday

Even though that never even happened

You make me smile in a way nobody can

You make me sad in a way nobody should

You make me hope in ways I always dreamed

You make me last

Just a little bit longer

You keep me intact

Just a little bit longer

You keep


Source: You Keep Me – DeveReaux’s Newfound Words

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