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So The @SpecialOlympics #InclusionRevolution Includes Eugenics For #Autistics. Special Olympics, WE ARE A PEOPLE NOT A DISEASE. Jenny McCarthy Wants Us Eradicated, NOT Included.

  1. I just found this in my email from 4 days ago… That’s when I started pushing back on the tag & asking to make a statement regarding their partnering with known eugenist . ??? 🤔 This is

  2. . continues to side step their responsibility to community by not responding to our tweets, emails & phone calls regarding their partnering with known eugenist, () have you turned your backs on us?

  3. Patricia_aicirtaP Retweeted Special Olympics

    It’s already been 3 days since announced it was partnering with known eugenist who has made a call to action to eradicate autism. 3 days that worry, waiting to hear if has abandoned us too😔

    Patricia_aicirtaP added,

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    Oh blimey! You really do not need that A pity it doesn’t identify the “concerned individual” – the anonymity makes it an ideal tool for bullies and harassers

  5. my heart and soul are devastated by this. What about autistic people? inclusion for everyone but autistics. autistics get eugenics. *sob* what kind of message is this to us? I dont care if robert kennedy jr has his stances on vaccines, you don’t erase autistic people.

  6. Funny how seems to support Special Olympics, but when it comes to autism her values are the absolute opposite of SO’s values. Way to contradict yourself there.

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    Yes, I wish there was a way to find out who my concerned “friend” is. That way I can send them on their way and they don’t have to worry anymore!

  8. I’m going to have to take a look at her history. When I have time lol. In a nut shell what is her motivation? What is her factual knowledge base from which she bases her actions?

  9. Oh she is a real piece of work

  10. It’s not inclusion if you’re trying to eradicate the naturally occurring neurological state.

  11. Replying to   and 2 others

    Had I found it on the same day it would have been very upsetting, so thankfully it lost a lot of its intended punch because I didn’t find it till today. I had a similar thing happen on fb as a way to bully me. I ended up locked out of my account. Yet autism = bad? 🤔

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    Oh Jeezus Patricia. That’s the internet version of having 2 police cars and an ambulance arrive at my house after asking a gov’t phone employee a strictly informational question. To ask that question must mean I’m suicidal. Seems there’s nothing in between if autism comes up.

  13. Jenny sounds like a real B

  14. Patricia_aicirtaP Retweeted TheAutisticAdvocate

    Attention need you to read this and then tell us why you’ve partnered with

    Patricia_aicirtaP added,

  15. Replying to 

    Well has started an tag and the have partnered with her as just one example of the messages receive about our existence

  16. Thanks for doing this. Seriously outrageous if you don’t get responses. Bigotry, ignorance & discrimination.

  17. Replying to   and 2 others

    It fortunately lost its effect somewhat as it took 4 days for me to see it, but still just so very wrong to use a system set up to help, to bully.

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    Mark Wahlberg Donnie Wahlberg You know, since we’re in the realm of people who fucked Jenny McCarthy

  19. Replying to   and 5 others

    Yes. Sadly.

  20. Ally Garber Retweeted Patricia_aicirtaP

    This is very disappointing. Join the call for to clarify their stance on aligning with . Autistic athletes should feel safe in your organization.

    Ally Garber added,

  21. Until a few hours ago the attached screenshot was on their feed. Now removed but I can still play the video. can you please comment and make sure we know what your stance on partnering with is? She promotes eugenics That’s not inclusion.

  22. Replying to   and 6 others

    Please tell me it isn’t so?

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    I don’t know if they are still allied since May 2018, but that is very recent. Would *rubs hands together* be a better sensory sensation?

  24. So according to , supports . I don’t understand how a person who supports erasure of a disability through quack medicine is for inclusion. I thought inclusive people won’t by into cures but rather fight for inclusion + acceptance

  25. Replying to   and 4 others

    Sounds like partnering to me.

  26. With the hashtag you’ve started, you should be no where near the Special Olympics! is NOT about inclusion. That is hate speech.

  27. Replying to   and 2 others

    Wait, what? I honestly would expect better of the Special Olympics.

  28. And now apparently she’s partnered with the ? It’s bananas.

  29. Today I learned about her connection with the special olympics. I realize organizations like that need all the fundraising they can muster, but that does not feel appropriate at all

  30. . – what are you doing?!?! Do you not understand that has made a call to action to eradicate autism, therefore Autistic PEOPLE. I can’t believe you’re doing this. This is just unfathomable. STOP 🛑 BACK OUT OF THIS

  31. Tania Melnyczuk | Retweeted Americano on the go

    Can we ask disability organisations to petition to please dissociate from ?

    Tania Melnyczuk | added,

  32. Heads up people are upset (rightfully so) about the idea of .You should listen hard to the voices of people living with autism.They see autism as part of the human condition(me2). If they aren’t comfortable with that language neither am i.

  33. So, which is it? Inclusion or ? Because those two stances are diametrically opposed. FYI/ people would prefer to . Not that you give a shit…

  34. Have you seen her video and hash tag comments? She literally wants to end your son.

  35. I wrote and told them the same thing. Jenny McCarthy doesn’t want inclusion- she wants genocide & eradication👎🏼

  36. partnered with ? 😨 And I thought they were ok

  37. Aren’t you the person who wants to wipe people like me off the face of the earth?

  38. i suggest talking with the athletes

  39. have you talk wirh any athlete leaders like franklin stephans, calborne?

  40. Replying to   and 6 others

    Imagine PWD thinks society acceptance of vaccines gave you your disability? That’s awful & not true. Dammit.

  41. Replying to   and 2 others

    Oh no. Something has happened that’s not good:(

  42. I second this.

  43. Special Olympics should NOT welcome ableists in any way and I hope they arent

  44. We don’t need or want a ablest D list celebrity bitch like you falsely attempting to support the inclusion revolution when you started and ablest tag calling to . how are you okay with the ablest rhetoric that spews?

  45. how dare you team with jenny mccarthy. her views are wrong hurtful to autistic kids and thier parents.

  46. thom petersen Retweeted Jenny McC-Wahlberg

    Dump Jenny McCarthy &

    thom petersen added,

  47. Steve. If she’s involved with Special Olympics as has been suggested, I’d have very serious concerns, but perhaps that’s for your country.

  48. For anyone who is autistic or loves an autistic person for who they are (ie: the only way to love someone) the hashtag being propagated by strikes fear and sadness into our hearts. It’s really upsetting that you are partnering with her.

  49. It never occurred to me that would be associated with the . We’re supposed to be starting our involvement this coming year. The thought that the spokeperson for and anti- is associated makes me sick.

  50. . How can you not see the hypocrisy of standing w/ Jenny McCarthy when she actively seeks to abolish autistic people? As an autistic person, it makes me sick to the stomach that ppl like her (w/ such influence) hate us so much. Spread not

  51. each state special olympic has a athlete imput council and a national one. i dont one if ypu close enough to national office

  52. i dont contact info for national people sadly. i wonder if reaching out to tim Shiver would help. do you know where your state special olympic office is? maybe you go ask to get connect wirh athlete imput council

  53. Replying to   and 5 others

    I think it’s time everyone gives Mr. Shriver an earful. I’ve been involved with SO for over 20 years and I will not have someone who someone who supports “ending” my disability giving their “support” to this movement.

  54.  ⓔⓖ Ⓡⓘⓒⓗⓐⓡⓓⓢⓞⓝ Retweeted lexi sweatpants

     ⓔⓖ Ⓡⓘⓒⓗⓐⓡⓓⓢⓞⓝ added,

  55. Replying to   and 5 others

    I presume this is regarding her vaccine-denier stance?

  56. It breaks my heart Ally. I have to hope they were wildly ignorant, somehow, and that’s how this happened but it’s shaken me. I mean, if the Special Olympics don’t even care if are exterminated I feel like I won’t know how to keep finding hope.

  57. Replying to   and 5 others

    Looking forward to your story on this. It’s an unacceptable partnership.

  58. Replying to   and 4 others

    My apologies for my insensitivity w/ my last comment & misinterpreting your meaning. I should’ve been more thoughtful. I had the org was decent too so I’m surprised that the connection to her exists.

  59. Emily Paige Ballou Retweeted Patricia_aicirtaP

    , this seems really contrary to what I thought the values of your organization were. Jenny McCarthy‘s advocacy doesn’t have anything to do with the “inclusion” of disabled or autistic people.

    Emily Paige Ballou added,

  60. So…to promote inclusion you are partnering with someone who has demonised disabled people like me, spread hateful lies about disabled people like me and is now trying to stop disabled people like me from existing? Very inclusive.

  61. She wants to eliminate a neurotype. That’s the opposite of inclusive.

  62. Replying to   and 2 others

    NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT no no no. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  63. Are they supporting this?

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