We are not OK – The Autistic Advocate

Trigger warning for suicide, self harm, suicidal idealisation, depression



This is a list of powerful words that you can clearly see are all connected.  They are all negative, they all speak of some sort of harm being afflicted.

To be honest you’d think they were words used by someone who had been through a major trauma of some kind.

You’d be correct in thinking that.

This is just a handful of the words that were used by Autistic people when I asked them to identify the relationship between their Masking and their Mental Health.

Just reading that list scares me.

These are descriptors of what Masking makes me feel.  I can identify with each and every one of them.

Yet they are not my words.

These are descriptors of a random group of Autistic people

These are descriptors of comments and tweets and personal perspectives that I see and hear constantly, when Autistic people talk about their lives.

Source: We are not OK – The Autistic Advocate

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