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Jenny McCartney and #EndAutismNow – YouTube

Published on Aug 7, 2018

The video I mentioned is here:…
Transcript of her video:
“Hey Guys, Jenny McCarthy here. I’m back!
With my 2nd call to action. 1st off, thanks you so much for coming in droves to support my 1st call to action: Which was to pre buy jb handleys book, how to end the autism epidemic.
The power we have when we all come together with common goals is immeasurable! And what better common goals than to bring us together then the health, the safety, the love of our kids AND wanting to prevent this from happening to future families.
The more time passes the more difficult it is for us to tell our stories and it’s only going to become more difficult. SO WE MUST ACT NOW, which leads to our next mission, SEPTEMBER 20TH IS THE date of the book release and we want to see hundreds of you at bookstores across the country, where we will facebook live holding up copies of this book The book that will reveal the truth behind the autism epidemic and most importantly, help end the autism epidemic.
Now this is how we can make it happen: There’s a page I called, that it started, hashtag ENDAUTISMNOW This will be an ambassador sign up page and what i need from ambassadors will be to represent your city and bookstore along with creating a facebook page so people in your city know where to go and once you’re accepted in the group, i will be filling you in with more details, now the goal again is to reach out to as many people as possible in your area to pre-buy the book, “how to end the autism epidemic” and then gather as many people as possible to that bookstore on september 20th and we will all facebook live from hundreds of stores across the country.
They might have silenced many of our kids, but they ain’t gonna silence us.
The groundbreaking information in jb handleys book could lead to the end of the autism epidemic. But that’s only the first step! It’s up to us, we’ve got to come together, unite and make some noise!
Kim Kardashians’ ass didn’t really break the internet, but we can!
Will you join me? Please send a request to the facebook page, hashtag endautismnow to be part of this massive event to help end the autism epidemic. Thank you so much

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