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Here’s @JennyMcCarthy Call #EndAutismNow On Her Facebook Page. | #QueenOfQuack 


Rosa Tremaine
Rosa Tremaine 1) You are a hack.
2) Autism is genetic, not an ‘epidemic’ – it isn’t a disease.
3) We will not be ended.
Amanda Seigler

Amanda Seigler Don’t be the victim of pseudo science! Vaccines save lives! I am not a vaccine injury and I’m not an epidemic. If you truly want to help your children, talk to an autistic adult. They know what it is like and they can point you in the right direction oSee More

Melissa Eaton
Melissa Eaton Ignores scientific evidence in favor of a washed up former playboy bunny who thinks ghosts are real and HIV is spread through kissing.
Emma Dalmayne
Emma Dalmayne Anyone accepting of autistics check out my organisation www.Autisticinclusivemeets.comManage
Michelle Mc Âû

Michelle Mc Âû autism made the world… lose if you get rid of autism….

Margaux Wosk

Margaux Wosk Thanks for making me feel terrible about myself.

Rosemarie Carreiro Âû

Rosemarie Carreiro Âû Autistics are not in need of fixing..we are not cars…we are not in need of curing..we are not diseased..we are not in need of elimination…we are not hurting anyone..WE ARE NOT EVIL

Damon Matthew Wise Âû
Damon Matthew Wise Âû Geez – I guess that peanut inside your head has been bleached out of its empty shell. Are you Effin seriously calling for Genocide against us as the next evolution and only chance for development of civilisation? Why do you not go to the local hardwaSee More
Emma Dalmayne

Emma Dalmayne #WeSeeYou Autism Inclusivity Facebook group

Peter Wynn
Peter Wynn I am absolutely disgusted with your aims!
Rosemarie Carreiro Âû
Rosemarie Carreiro Âû don’t you think you have made enough money on the backs of Autistics???
Elena Âû Chandler

Elena Âû Chandler “so that this doesn’t happen to other families.”

We are not a “this”. We are not something to be eradicated. our existence is not worse than death. This is an agenda of hatred. Think about the emssages you are sending to your kids and other autistics.

David J McDonagh
David J McDonagh To those who claim that soon we will have a 50/50 split between Autistics and their carers: how many of those Autistics will be, according to your terminology, “high functioning” and how many will be “low functioning”? And are you aware that many Autistics already care for their Autistic children?
Emma Dalmayne
Emma Dalmayne I can comment here. Not for long I’m guessing.
McCarthy your son was not even autistic so what is your agenda here apart from causing deadly diseases to spread?
Maria Vidinha
Maria Vidinha Autism epidemic is a fear mongering movement to promote the anti vaccine cult !
We have been here from the beginning. We are not sick, we dont want a cure . Neurological diversity is real #actuallyautistic
Peter Wynn
Peter Wynn I am absolutely disgusted that you want to end autism! Autism is NOT a curse, it is a gift!
Emma Dalmayne
Emma Dalmayne We were not caused by vaccines Jenny. We were caused by a couple having sex, we are not a vaccine injury or an illness.
We are not a disease.

You are spreading misinformation.

If anyone wants to find out about autism from #ActuallyAutisticpeople please search ‘Autism Inclusivity’ Facebook group.
Nat Le Brun

Nat Le Brun There is no autism epidemic. We are born this way. It’s genetic. It’s inherited. We are neurologically diverse. Please just stop treating us like we shouldn’t have a voice in this. I had never been vaccinated at the point my autistic traits began to show. I was vaccine delayed due to another health condition. You are talking out of ignorance if you think vaccines cause autism.

Carrie Coyle Young
Carrie Coyle Young My autism wasn’t caused by vaccines neither was my autistic son who can’t even have vaccines because he has so many allergies. 😂 oh and my dad’s autistic as well but it’s not genetic 😂 Jenny is the wicked witch of the West to autistic adults and everything she stands for is HORRIFYING.
21 Replies
Cathrinea Mc Nulty Burrows
Cathrinea Mc Nulty Burrows The study you speak about was conducted by Dr Andrew Wakefield and published in 1998 in the Lancet and later retracted because no link was found between the MMR and Autism. Your evidence is not based on scientific facts. Children are dying because of See More
Ashliegh Davison
Ashliegh Davison Absolutely disgusts me in this day and age that people still view autism as something to be cured/fixed and see it as a problem. 

My sons autism was not caused by vaccines or whatever crap is still being spouted off 🙄

It’s just the way he is, the way hSee More
Pengwen P. Knickers
Pengwen P. Knickers I wish autism was an epidemic aka contagious because I am quite frankly exhausted by neurotypical people and their nonsense. #ActuallyAutistic#AutisticPersonSpeaking
Cindy Huskey
Cindy Huskey End autism now? NO THANK YOU! I love my son just the way he is. He does not needed to be cured. His autism does not need to be eliminated. He needs acceptance for the whole and complete child of God that he is.
Eline Sanders
Eline Sanders I am autistic because of my autistic parents. It’s caused by genetic code, and is part of human diversity. I am autistic and an excellent painter, parent and friend. So how about we end the epidemic of scare tactics and “autism warriors”?
Moreland Andrea
Moreland Andrea Ending autism means taking away the beautiful soul that means my son. Good and bad I love him for who he is and he is a special gift meant for me.
JJ Barga

JJ Barga There has not been one study that has ever proved vaccinating causes autism. That’s stupid it’s just something that someone is born with

Audra Sisak
Audra Sisak #actuallyautistic there is no epidemic! We are born this way. Leave the science to scientists. Who went to school, who actually know what they are talking about. Instead of trying to eliminate us as a people, try accepting us and loving us.
Kael Schatzjäger
Kael Schatzjäger #ActuallyAutistic people do NOT support this! It is about our brains, so you CANNOT have this debate without us!
Elizabeth Chart
Elizabeth Chart Autism is not an epidemic its not an illness its a neurological condition. Its in your genes your dna if its causes by vaccines then WHY is it that two of my relatives who are non verbal autisic have never had any of the vaccinations but still have autism tell me that.
Cara Autrey

Cara Autrey Autism happens in the second trimester of pregnancy. There are recent studies that show they have found the “when”. Now they are working on the “how” stop they can look for the genetic defect and try to fix it before the baby is born. No matter how mucSee More

Debbie Marshall

Debbie Marshall I have a book coming out soon called THE NEURO TYPICAL STUPIDITY EPICEMIC 😊

Kim Cheney Wayman

Kim Cheney Wayman You are aware that the world needs different types of brains right? How egotistical of you to assume that NT should be the only type. My sons autism was genetic not vaccines. It is people like you who i fight to make my dons world better.

Allie Fujito
Allie Fujito Thank you, Jenny, for your tireless advocacy for honesty and transparency, and above all, for our children!
Jenna Logan
Jenna Logan I am not something to be ended. Nor is my son, or my cousin’s boys. The ASD children I work with are not something to be ended. I am disgusted at your position! I am not ill. I don’t have a disease. Your heart is diseased. Let’s end neurotypicalism, instead, why don’t we?
Amber Sims Hinterplattner
Amber Sims Hinterplattner Thank you so much Jenny McCarthy for your support with this cause, and your passion to make a difference and change things!
Amber Michelle Welbelove

Amber Michelle Welbelove stop vaccinating and magically it will decline!

Elizabeth Chart
Elizabeth Chart Acceptance and understanding is the only way forward get educated get in the know don’t get in the quack zone with these nasty people that actually abuse there children with mms and rubbish poison like that. Be proud of what your children achieve. Can’t believe I actually watched the rubbish spurting out of her mouth.
Eva Luna Smith

Eva Luna Smith I am heartbroken by your call to action to try to take away what makes me who I am and who my daughter is. You have no right. You see us as broken and sick but we are strong women and we are perfectly happy being autistic. More autistic people would feSee More

Anya Warde
Anya Warde If someone tried to spread a hashtag about ending black lives now, it would be racist hate speech. But because it’s autistic lives instead, it’s okay? FALSE.
Kristen Wilson Smith
Kristen Wilson Smith Although I love your enthusiasm for your cause, I disagree. My grandson’s autism was not caused by any vaccine or the manner in which the vaccine was given. I raised him for the first seven years of his life as his mother was dealing with health issues. I will it be jumping on your 🚌. It is unfortunate that Mr. Handley is involved as he has been proven wrong in his assumptions.
Sarah Sage-Logan

Sarah Sage-Logan Thank you Jenny McCarthy you planted the seeds in my head years ago with your book. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t know for a fact (from medical testing) that my son suffers from mercury and aluminum toxicity and low glutathione affecting his abilitySee More

Ruthann Seccio
Ruthann Seccio Does that hashtag thing show where we can get the book I’m in South Philadelphia Pennsylvania where can I get the book. Much love to Jenny McCarthy and her son keep up the great work.
Zoe Davison

Zoe Davison This is disgusting whoever thinks disability’s like autism don’t belong in this world because they do because everybody deserves a chance at life and this world deserves those who might be different but still are made and born the same way we all are! See More

Jul Smith
Jul Smith Oh the irony…arguing to end autism on a platform she wouldn’t have without centuries of brilliant autistic minds.
Laura Bergman

Laura Bergman There are quite a few austic people in my family. My material grandpa was a quiet machine repair man, at least three of my aunts aunts are probably in the spectrum as are my brother, mother and me.

Its genetic, noticeable on the molecular level of hoSee More

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