#endautismnow hashtag on Twitter

Source: #endautismnow hashtag on Twitter

  1. Jenny, I’m sorry, I know you had a difficult time raising your kid, and parent to parent, I know even the most perfect kids are a challenge, but on your ill advised autism crusade I’m going to have to challenge you for your medical qualifications,

  2. Ending autism is dangerous and unnecessary. Autism is not something that needs to end. Autistic people are just fine. The thing that needs to end is bigotry and hatred toward autistic people. THAT is the harmful thing. NOT autism. Fight back against bigots with .

  3. Dr Catherine Sawyer Retweeted Jenny McC-Wahlberg

    Anyone else find this hypocritical? End of July she’s supporting inclusion, today I find out she’s promoting

    Dr Catherine Sawyer added,

  4. What kind of fucking hashtag is ? Autism is not an epidemic. Fuck you, you uneducated, closed minded, pricks.🖕🖕🖕🖕

  5. Please don’t We have as much right to be alive as NTs. How about or ?

  6. ‼️An important note on using : it is also being used by people who do want to end autism. Autistic people and allies are using it to try to throw off those who use it like that, but please be mindful that if you scroll through it, you will find hateful people.‼️

  7. I see some of you are trying to , have you perhaps considered trying to instead?

    Why would anyone claim to want to ? We are different. So are a lot of other people. Genocide is wrong. Also, maybe they don’t realize all the amazing artists, authors, scientists, tech geeks and others who are so amazing not despite, but b/c they are autistics?

  8. is bollocks. Most autistic people don’t want to be cured nor their be an end to autism. We just want to be loved and accepted for who we are. We also want to live our lives with the right support free from ableism and abuse.

  9. Please please please don’t We deserve to live. We need support and resources, not your hatred and constant flood of anger towards us – only because we dare to exist in a neurotypical world that hates us.

  10. Calling all and allies. has put a hit out on us in conjunction with the author of “How To End The Autism Epidemic.” Creating secret groups and planning events. They use .

    I feel incredibly sad for children who have parents that want to . If my parents wanted to end something about me…I’d be heartbroken. I mean, it would make sense if it were an actual disease, like my RA. But autism isn’t a disease. It’s just another way of being.

  11. I pray for a day that realizes her view of autism is horrifically harmful to autistic people. People like her make it harder for autistic people like me to get resources and acceptance we need. I don’t need to be cured. Fuck and the message it sends

  12. Dear : Fuck your little “” campaign. The only way to is genocide. I’m not autistic because of vaccines. Neither are my kids or my father. Neither was my grandfather. Can you see the pattern, you bigoted, ignorant airhead?

  13. I couldn’t not click the video. Holy fucking shit! Is this bitch for real?? She needs to keep her disgusting mouth shut. She is preying on such vulnerable and desperate parents. I don’t want to or ever! She is such a piece of trash!

  14. Today, I stumbled upon a video shared by Eve of International Badass Activists. It was Jenny McCarthy promoting a hateful book and spreading the idea of on September…

  15. N.A. Le Brun – Author Retweeted Dr Catherine Sawyer

    Funny how thinks it’s okay to promote without actually having the first clue what it’s like to have Autism. She hasn’t spoken to those of us on the spectrum. She just thinks we would be better off cured

    N.A. Le Brun – Author added,

  16. Genetics! Better diagnosis! Not your fucking bullshit. All you’re going do, at best, is increase bigotry towards those of us who are , and at worst…? The only way to is to kill us. An Aryan society, with no-one to Think Different?

  17. I will NEVER understand how people can know children are being injured by vaccines every day, and sit back and not speak out about it. If we can change this mentality, I truly believe we can change the world.

    1. Cloud Conjurer  🏳️‍🌈Retweeted Eve Reiland

      You can’t fix what’s not broken; she needs to quit spreading her ridiculous pseudoscience crap around

      Cloud Conjurer  🏳️‍🌈added,

    2. Calling all and allies. has put a hit out on us in conjunction with the author of “How To End The Autism Epidemic.” Creating secret groups and planning events. They use .

    3. Huh, , I see you’re an antivaxxer, which means you are pro-pandemic level desease based death, obviously troubling. Please explain why I should trust your opinion on any medical subject?

    4. Has Autism impacted your life? If your answer is yes, this is a video you need to see. I am also going to see if a Run Walk Ride event can be held as well.

    5. I am autistic. So is my son. I’m a successful illustrator, a premed, and have so much more goddamn interesting stuff to say than the bullshit that you spew. You’re a boring hate criminal who is making the world worse. Be more fucking responsible.

    6. how many warrior moms are Trump supporters? Or is this the democratic elite and their push for eugenics?

    7. I just uploaded “” to :

    8. Can’t believe that is trending on Twitter….nothing like a wee bit of good old fashioned eugenics on a Wednesday morning. I despair sometimes I really do.

    9. I’ve just found out about and I’m close to crying. I already can’t stand having it. This crap from Jenny McCarthy is only making things so much worse, and it’s so dangerous to autistic individuals.

    10. is a hate campaign. This has been a PSA.

    11. Replying to 

      No, they don’t realise what autistic ppl contribute to society b/c anyone who supports is to caught up in their own ignorant, narrow minded viewpoint to see the beauty in others.

    12. Salbob Retweeted Courtney Johnson

      If you support the BS pls read this thread to see how damaging it is. Listen to ppl and educate yourself.

      Salbob added,

    13. , some random woman’s spin off of The Purge, coming soon to cinemas near you!

    14. Replying to 

      has only made things worse, and is so harmful. I’m very fortunate to be loved and accepted as I am but I know so many aren’t.

    15. Replying to 

      Check out if you’re feeling safe and in a good place

    16. If you’re gonna start and hashtag just come and try to kill me you fucking cowards

    17. look what you’ve done to my people? own it.

    18. there’s no autism epidemic, but there’s an epidemic of ill informed, bigoted opinions. We are NOT wrong, we are NOT ill, we are NOT broken…but we ARE fed up of this damaging, hate inciting shit. Let’s NOT , let’s

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