As Seen On Facebook | Tell Me Again, Jenny McCarthy, How That Make-A-Buck-Off Autistics Lifestyle Is Going ? #BoycottJennyMcCarthy #QueenoOfQuack Via Eve Reiland 

Jenny McCarthy 2018 Lifestyle

Jenny McCarthy Is Rich From Hawkin Autism Quackery

While she does the Hollywood thing — Autistics are homeless, incarcerated as care and we are dying early deaths due to suicide and the stress of living autistic in a hostile world.

Jenny McCarthy leads one of the strongest hate brigades against #actuallyautistics for years. She brought us the anti-vaxxer movement and promotes eugenics of Autistics.

Jenny McCarthy has ZERO to do with the #actuallyautistic community other than causing us great harm and creating a hate wave she still pumps today.

Once a Playboy bunny, then some MTV show host – and the rest of her career is being the original Autism Warrior Mom.

Everyone cashes in on Autistics, except Autistics.

Margaux Wosk
Margaux Wosk literally must be so nice to be wealthy and ignorant (not)
Kieran Rose

Kieran Rose I don’t even think its ignorance, it’s a career opportunity, she’s made a platform for herself and gets attention. It doesn’t matter whether she’s literally putting other people’s children at risk of death, it doesn’t matter that she’s feeding an incorrrect narrative that doesn’t nothing but cause Autistic people to be hurt or to hurt themselves.

What matters is the camera flash, what matters is that her empty husk of a soul is filled by other people talking about her, what matters is that people staring at her plastic face bring her into being.

Without this she is nothing and who is more important ultimately?

Her or us?

Well her, because we’re Autistic and we don’t matter.

Penni Winter
Penni Winter Angry face because I loathe that vacuous excuse for a woman, not because I disagree with you. In fact you’re spot on,Kieran.

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