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#ActuallyAutistic Community Reacts To Jenny McCarthy’s Call For The End Of Autistic People | #EndAutismNow #QueenOfQuack #BoycottJennyMcCarthy

Note: transcribing in progress.jmscreen_tommyschofield

You want to end us because you’re scared of us. You’re a coward, and you’re a fraud.

Break the internet? More like break you. One inch at a time, slowly and thoroughly, you’re going to be broken down and overcome. 

There’s nothing you can do. You have no strength, zero power. But hey, take us on if you like, it’ll be fun. For us at least, not so sure about you.

– Tommy Schofield 


Nat Lee Brun: There is no autism epidemic. We are born this way. It’s genetic. It’s inherited. We are neurologically diverse. Please stop treating us like we don’t have a voice in this. I had never been vaccinated at the point my autistic traits started to show.

I was vaccine delayed due to another health condition. You are talking out of ignorance if you think vaccines cause autism.

Holly Lynn: If you are sitting here typing, you are not what we hope to stop from occurring.


Sheila Larsson: Karen Schroder, you’ll be dead in less than 20 years so whatever you believe.

Logan Olson: Its OK guys Karen Schroder is a pro-diseaser. She wants kids and cancer patients to die or suffer slowly.

Lindsay Mohler: Check yur privilege Karen.I am autistic. Sometimes I misspell words. That was incredibly ableist. Also, throw all of the insults you want about my sister.

Doesn’t make you look good here trying to debate.

Aluminum is harmless and the flu shot hasn’t bothered my sister or I for years …



Karen Schroder:jmscreen_lindseymohler04jmscreen_lindseymohler03jmscreen_lindseymohler02jmscreen_lindseymohler

Lindsey Mohler: Do you study psychology Jenny?

Jenny Mink DeMaria: Lindsay Mohler read the book. Two of the country’s top autism experts admit, during deposition, that in certain susceptible children, YES THEY DO.

Lindsay Mohler: Lol top autism experts? Silly me, I’m actually autistic. They aren’t … you didn’t answer my question. What are neurons?

Jenny Mink DeMaria: In addition to the rest of the science that JB presents. Yes, they certainly do.


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