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As Seen On Facebook | Jenny McCarthy Puts A Hit Out On #ActuallyAutistic via Jenny McCarthy Official #QueenOfQuack

Calling all #actuallyautistic and allies. @JennyMcCarthy has put a hit out on us in conjunction with the author of “How To End The Autism Epidemic.” Creating secret groups and planning events. They use #endautismnow.

Eve Reiland
Eve Reiland #actuallyautistic #boycotttosiri#elmomom — remember them? We have an international voice now — get ready. #LightItUpGold and #AutisticActivists — we #shineon hope for better lives for all auiistics — your time is up. We are heard now – keep your quackery away from the autistic community. The real one, not the hollywood version you’re selling.
Eve Reiland
Eve Reiland
Eve Reiland The actual issue is THE AUTISTIC CRISIS — all around the world our number 1 cause of death for autistics is #suicide. our median age of death is 36. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING ON ABOUT? How long are you going to silence us Jenny? My autistic people and autistic kids are DYING and you fucking go on about what? Where’s our help??
Eve Reiland
Eve Reiland oh jenny mccarthy you FUCKING BITCH. Haven’t enough autistics been harmed by your fucking ridiculous bs? how many in my community did you hurt? you don’t care. just keep bringing in the $$$$ off our backs and live that good life. this bitch and this book ffs. HOW MANY #actuallyautistic can share their testimonies on the jenny mccarthy hate wave we’ve experienced for more than a decade now?
Emma Dalmayne
Cara Autrey
Jenny Beutter
Jenny Beutter You can’t end this , they are born this way, I love you Jen but please girl!
37 Replies · 26 mins
Kristen Wilson Smith
Kristen Wilson Smith Although I love your enthusiasm for your cause, I disagree. My grandson’s autism was not caused by any vaccine or the manner in which the vaccine was given. I raised him for the first seven years of his life as his mother was dealing with health issues. I will it be jumping on your 🚌. It is unfortunate that Mr. Handley is involved as he has been proven wrong in his assumptions.
Moreland Andrea
Moreland Andrea Ending autism means taking away the beautiful soul that means my son. Good and bad I love him for who he is and he is a special gift meant for me.
JJ Barga

JJ Barga There has not been one study that has ever proved vaccinating causes autism. That’s stupid it’s just something that someone is born with

Natasha Moen Suleiman

Natasha Moen Suleiman Thank you Jenny for always fighting for our kids.

Denzella Westrick

Denzella Westrick You sure are looking much better than you did Saturday night when you and Donnie was drunk playing golf in your back yard.

Amber Michelle Welbelove

Amber Michelle Welbelove stop vaccinating and magically it will decline!

Sarah Sage-Logan
Allie Fujito

Allie Fujito Thank you, Jenny, for your tireless advocacy for honesty and transparency, and above all, for our children!

Jocelyn Elizabeth
Jocelyn Elizabeth THANK YOU FOR FIGHTING FOR OUR BABIES!!!!!! You didn’t have to take all the hate but you are, and us fellow moms APPRECIATE YOU!
Gina Searle
Gina Searle If I were Jenny I would go through these comments delete and block all of the trolls. Vaccine injury is real, and until the ” medical professionals ” say otherwise, we are forced to call the condition all of our kids have “Autism”.
If some of you are offended then tell the people who have the power to change the label, and that is not us parents.
JR Herold
JR Herold I have a group in the music industry that participates in benefit concerts for autism and I will let them know 🙂 This group is a major or has a major impact on this issue.
Chuck Zimmerman
Chuck Zimmerman I don’t have any kids. But I will check out this book. I loved the internet breaking remark.
Anna's oils
Anna’s oils ❤️ I help many and will
Continue to do so. Having many clients come to me on Long Island for dental treatment using reiki …light therapy and oils is a blessed 🙏🙏part of my life Changing for many family’s stress levels is very comforting for all involved❤️❤️

Ruthann Seccio

Ruthann Seccio Does that hashtag thing show where we can get the book I’m in South Philadelphia Pennsylvania where can I get the book. Much love to Jenny McCarthy and her son keep up the great work.

Amber Sims Hinterplattner
Amber Sims Hinterplattner Thank you so much Jenny McCarthy for your support with this cause, and your passion to make a difference and change things!
Beth Schultz
Beth Schultz My book is pre ordered. I am excited to read it. I for one can have no judgement til I actually know what it says. Thank you JB Handley and Jenny for bringing awareness to this subject many people can not handle!
Samantha Leigh Stewart
Samantha Leigh Stewart I truly don’t think she understands the insensitivity that comes with the statement “end autism now”
Heather Borden

Heather Borden Thank you for continuing to be the voice of many parents. ❤️

Rachel Murphey
Rachel Murphey I’m curious how many people have autism that have never been vaccinated? 🤔
Juju Fellows
Juju Fellows Please go educate yourself. Spectropolis – Pay it Forward , National Autistic Society. Autism Speaks. 
Jennifer Guitard
Vicky Houston
Vicky Houston I cannot find the group. Anyone have a link?
Patrick Plummer
Patrick Plummer Jenny isspecial! Best of luck in everything! Kept me going with 5 strokes! Thanks!
Kathy Brewster-Fairfax
Kathy Brewster-Fairfax cant wait for this book!
Rich Glasberg
Rich Glasberg Meagan Pervier Platt know your not really a fan of her beliefs as they relate to autism but book might be ggod
Sammi Gage
Sammi Gage Taylor James why was this the most annoying thing I’ve watched 🤷🏼‍♀️
Carl Rasmussen
Carl Rasmussen Why is she starting to look like kim kardassian? Nooo !
Kasey Franks Gartner

Kasey Franks Gartner Thank you Jenny!!!

Sandi Marcus

Sandi Marcus Thank you Jenny!

Ruth Golden

Ruth Golden Already pre-ordered my copy!!!

Drew Hogeland
Drew Hogeland Stop getting vaccines
Kathy Quigley

Kathy Quigley Love it!!

Kayla Lenk
Kayla Lenk Mike Tapia we need to look into this

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