As Seen On Facebook | I Love Someone Who Is A Person With Neurotypicalism via Âûtistic News Feed

i l❤️ve someone who is a person with neurotypicalism
April Dawn Griffin
April Dawn Griffin I’ve taken this and I’m spamming the makers of autism shirts who are not autistic and are making a buck on our backs selling bad attitudes. This will probably be my profile pic today too.
Laura Penny Neil

Laura Penny Neil Where on earth can I get this shirt, I need it 😂

Jason Ross

Jason Ross This looks like a great tee shirt. Want!

Randy Germain

Randy Germain The more words you can get between “I” and “neurotypicalism”, the better. Wouldn’t want people to start thinking that neurotypicalism is an actual part of their identity or anything…

Âûtistic News Feed
Âûtistic News Feed You really know the formula 
Lauren Krieg

Lauren Krieg Perfect!!!

Robin Mór-Ríoghain
Robin Mór-Ríoghain You guys are being sarcastic right???
Âûtistic News Feed
Âûtistic News Feed Tongue-in-cheek, not sarcastic so much. Until a mirror is held up to the attitudes of *some* dominant types… they won’t see how it impacts us. Of course this T-shirt does not really exist. It’s…. mildly rhetorical.
Evan Lowenthal

Evan Lowenthal I need this shirt.

Annie Derbabian

Annie Derbabian


Dae Macfarlan
Dae Macfarlan Omg I wish this applied so I could buy and wear this shirt.
Âûtistic News Feed

Âûtistic News Feed Buwahahaha

Chloe Letica

Chloe Letica Can I actually by this lol

April Jagger

April Jagger I would, if I had such a person in my family! 🤣

Vera Pospisil
Vera Pospisil lots of people on Etsy do custom t shirts….

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