As Seen On Facebook | How To End The Autism Epidemic by J.B. Handley 

I’m very pleased to announce that my first book, “How to End the Autism Epidemic”, will be released by Chelsea Green Publishing on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018. The book provides the story of not only my family’s journey through autism, but also a complete explanation of the science, legal, and parental proof of how the epidemic of autism has happened, and how to end it. If you are a supporter of my writing, I would respectfully ask you to consider pre-ordering the book, which can help greatly with its ultimate success. Please note that 100% of the proceeds I receive from this book will be donated to autism charities. Thank you for your support and I can’t wait for you to read it, here’s the Amazon link:
Randy Deveraux
Randy Deveraux stop injecting toxins in your kids,,,,SIMPLE ISN’T IT ? THINK YOU CAN REMEMBER THAT ?
Debra Cevene
Debra Cevene I still say the cause is the mmr shots is a big factor to Austism
Debra Cevene

Debra Cevene My son has Austism

Cortney Brown
Amy Correa
Amy Correa People would rather have children with life threatening diseases than autism? 
Alex Komes

Alex Komes It’s not that simple Amy. I’m glad your here though. It means your interested in something other then the news narrative. First step is to join a natural healing group and just sit back and listen, you can ask questions but don’t insult people. It seemSee More

J.B. Handley

J.B. Handley You mean like chicken pox, rotavirus, and influenza?

Patrick Crawford
Patrick Crawford This coming from a high school kid with no children. My son has autism….. No autism gene in either mine or my wife’s family. Pharmaceutical companies make $30 billion a year for every vaccine they can get added to the vaccine schedule. Follow the money and you will find the truth.
Annie Woodard
Annie Woodard Alex Komes I would love some articles sent to me. I’m currently pregnant and I’m trying to get as much info on all of it. I would very much appreciate it.
Alex Komes
Alex Komes J.B, it is an honor to be here commenting with you. Sharing the fruits of all my research/ the truth has become my sole hobby these days. Congrats on the book. Mad respect to you for your resistance in the push to poison our future generations. If therSee More
J.B. Handley
J.B. Handley Alex Komes thank you for the kind words. Love your style, I think you will be very effective in helping people on the fence, keep it up!!
Darcy Harefeld

Darcy Harefeld The only way to end autism is to stop getting your children vaccinated !!!!!!!

Cheryl Joyner

Cheryl Joyner Patrick Crawford – have you seen this one?

Melissa Matheson-Boudreau
Melissa Matheson-Boudreau AFTER my son had his MMR shot he was villainy ill, slept very long afterwards and was non stick sick. he became aggressive, anxious, major sensory issues and was diagnosed with ADHD. He struggles with eating foods due to major gut issues and then at 9 years old was diagnosed with celiac disease…I have no scientific proof other than things changing so drastically after his shot.
Al Sigala

Al Sigala Mercury Detox usually reverses autzm symptoms.

Nicholas Siccone

Nicholas Siccone End vaccines end autism

Paul Määttä
Paul Määttä Victoria Becerra, have you found J.B. yet?
David James Carter Mitchum

David James Carter Mitchum Quit getting vacccines

Cora Price

Cora Price Can I just say My mother was one of 13 children (no Autism) i am 1 of six children (no Autism) five of us have had three children each and one has had 1 child that’s 16 (no autism) between those 16 there are +- 30 grandchildren to those 6 children and See More

Evan Weeks

Evan Weeks End vaccins

Scott Lambert
Scott Lambert My son has autism I hope this is not something denying it
Kristen Elizabeth
Kristen Elizabeth Chandler SindyKimberlee Vittetoe
This guy is my new favorite. His posts are sponsored and have been in my newsfeed. Anti vax and pro truth. ❤️ I figured you guys might enjoy him as much as I do
Margaret Galvin Sexty
Margaret Galvin Sexty Check out the origins of the term conscientious objector…eye opening!
Deanna Lynn
Deanna Lynn Funny thing. In 2000, the CDC, FDA, WHO, and vaccine makers met in Norcross, GA, in a secret meeting to discuss how they know vaccines are linked to autism. You can read the notes thanks to Robert Kennedy and the Freedom of Information Act. They clearly are hiding this information. ..for a reason. If truth was common, no one would vaccinate. And, profits would end.
Real Alkaline Pharoah Gahmahh

Real Alkaline Pharoah Gahmahh Stop FUCKING VACCINATING

Valerie Loveys
Valerie Loveys My identical twin grandsons are both diagnosed with severe autism. Both have exact characteristics. This leads me to believe there is a predisposed genetic link. I began working with autistic children in 1991. I am still convinced environment is a huge link.
Larry Taylor
Larry Taylor I’m not one to read a book, but being a Dad to a special little girl with ASD. Thinking I should educate myself and give it a shot.
Nancy Mathes
Nancy Mathes This looks like an interesting read. Not sure why some are prejudging it or assuming things about a book they have not read yet… I have my own theory on Autism, but it’s just a theory.
Kelly Meek

Kelly Meek This looks very interesting

Trina Ward
Trina Ward What autism charities ?
Jerry Wizman
Jerry Wizman Autism
There is NO Science that shows Vaccines Cause Autism….
EXCEPT in ALL THESE Government Published Studies which show Vaccines Cause AutismSee More
Linda Kay
Linda Kay I know how! !!!!!!! Stop with unnecessary immunizations!!!!!! That some are passed through the parent genes
Jayne Susan Cox
Jayne Susan Cox 100%agree
Dan Boyd
Dan Boyd I’ll wait for the movie! 😉
Meghan White
Meghan White Heather Smith This was on my newsfeed right after Brandons post about Gracie.
Rose Green
Rose Green All my sad is gone another book to read
Debra Cevene
Debra Cevene My son has had Austism since 1984
Richard Karger
Richard Karger Vaccines
Helen Parkinson
Helen Parkinson Greg Van Dugteren. You might find this interesting. Btw I have just ordered this book.
Michelle Widdowson
Michelle Widdowson Stop the vaccines
David Cuevas

David Cuevas Simple🤔 STOP ALL VACCINES that have ALUMINUM’S and heavy metals 🤔🤔🤔that CAUSE AUTISM!!!

Richard Bradick Watson

Richard Bradick Watson There are many more factors that play into this than just vaccinations. The genetically modified foods that mothers eat while pregnant and after whilst being ingested by nursing infants is another huge factor. These studies are highly complex and thereSee More

Jerry Joe Johnson

Jerry Joe Johnson Stop vaccinating

Scott Young
Scott Young That’s easy. End infant immunizations. 
Barton Fink

Barton Fink Stop vaccinating your kids, simple mother Fucknuts

Myriah Johnson
Myriah Johnson Clearly there is something going on to cause this epidemic. I would love to support the cause
Mandy-Sue Williams
Mandy-Sue Williams STOP VACCINATING 😀

Karen Brighton Tash Stolt an interesting read ?xx

Dawn Dice
Dawn Dice Can we add… stop all the ultrasounds…. if you Put a bowl of Jell-O in the refrigerator and then take it out about every 20 minutes and shake it by the time it finally settles it will definitely have ridges . There are many levels of what causes autism. Autism began to Spike along with the frenzy of ultrasounds. Think about it.You were actually shaking your baby’s brain waves every time you ultrasound.
Sheila Gardiner
Sheila Gardiner The scope of children with autism is across the border & childhood cancers. There is one common denominator. Vaccines. Something is going wrong somewhere from birth to 5 years. There are plenty of people saving their children from the harm that’s being done. You can improve and heal children who have been injured by vaccines.
Wendy Melissa Pinto
Wendy Melissa Pinto I really am not a advocate of vaccines, but unless the hospital went behind my back vaccinatinated my now 4 year old son, he is vaccine free and was just given antibiotics in his life for strep… I would really love to know how he is has a more severeSee More
Diane Porcaro

Diane Porcaro Stop mandatory vaccinations

Wally Daylight

Wally Daylight outlaw vaccines, problem solvered.

Billbo Popins
Billbo Popins I love aspergers haha


Jennifer Yinger Kleronomos
Jennifer Yinger Kleronomos Just ordered!!!!
Denise Ridge

Denise Ridge Jack Thorpe this is about immunisation not just Autism x

Jason Kowalyshyn
Jason Kowalyshyn Beware of fake news and fabricated stories, big Pharma which is a multibillion dollar industry hires ghost riders and fleet of fake Facebook accounts that are programmed to attack people who point out vaccines as the cause of autism and create fake stoSee More
Jake Baker

Jake Baker Diet pop has alot to do with it

JoAnne Hall
Tonya Burnside
Tonya Burnside Cut back on vaccinations and we will stop this are governments doing us to our children and our people
Diana Meade
Diana Meade You all do know that there are people with Autism who have never been vaccinated right??? 💁
Janice Seymour
Janice Seymour But….I’m sure this is a great book. I’ll make sure I grab a copy. 
Cathy Charalambous
Cathy Charalambous Ile b there ..👏 well dun hun.🙏🏽
Allison Rochelle Field
Allison Rochelle Field some have regression Autism too and it only takes something to bring it out#vaccines !!!
Amgelia Jefferys

Amgelia Jefferys Stop the mercury in vaccinations

Wendy Davidson
Wendy Davidson Rights to be informed. All information to be considered. There are plenty of drugs and beliefs that have proven false over time. Why is this different?
A lot of corporate money at stake…

Sheila Dugan Jensen
Sheila Dugan Jensen I keep wondering when our society is going to start preparing for the care of the millions of vaccine damaged kids who will eventually outlive their parents. The situation is shameful and grim.
Vicky Joy
Vicky Joy AVOID VACCINES. Get checked for MTHFR GENE..
Less time on iPad.. phones gaming machines.detox often
Anna Akosua Vn


Ruth Cushman
Ruth Cushman Caused by childhood shots???
Sarah Catherine Aquilina

Sarah Catherine Aquilina Russell Paxthese seem to be your people

Sherry Rosanbalm Setera
Sherry Rosanbalm Setera Children today are born sensitive, then they are hit w vaccines, envirinmental toxins, food n household toxins… it all adds up… snd ultrasounds in last trimester… is a no no!
Cathy Menderes
Cathy Menderes Kim Adams (?)…may be this could add to your existing knowledge (?)
Carl Nickerson
Carl Nickerson stop spraying the fucking sky…assholes
Amanda Seigler
Amanda Seigler I am not an epidemic or a vaccine injury. I’m autistic bc my father is and my children are bc i am! Stop being consumed by pseudo science and do proper research! Nothing wrong with being autistic! We don’t want to be cured!!! If you want to help an autistic child then talk to an autistic adult!
Laura Bergman
Laura Bergman Gross! Its not an epidemic!!! Better screening for high functioning and female autists it the reason the numbers ballooned.
Nicole Rivera
Nicole Rivera I sincerely hope no one gives a dime to this shit. Autism isn’t curable nor is it an epidemic.
Nicole Rivera
Nicole Rivera Your daughter deserves a father who accepts her for who she is, not someone who will exploit her for book sales.
Vanessa Blevins

Vanessa Blevins The ignorance and ableism in this thread is despicable.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith Utter nonsense. Autism is not an Endemic and Autism cannot be cured.

My son is Autistic and he would not be who he is, if he were not autistic. I love him just the way he is. What Autistics need is Acceptance for who they areSee More

Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Stop allowing the abuse of Autistics
Amanda Hoose You end the epidemic by burning this book for a start!! The only epidemic is the epidemic of ignorance!!!
Rachel Foster

Rachel Foster I really hope newly diagnosed people and parents of, do not buy into your book of ableism and ignorance. How do we end the epidemic of ignorance and ableism in people like you? That would be a book for Emma Dalmaynebut sadly you’ve blocked her…..

Damon James
Damon James It’s easy… we simply stop allowing quacks to diagnose every slight personality disorder, neuroses, or lack of self-discipline as “autism.”
Damon James
Damon James LOL… all this “ablism” bullshit…. how about you wannabe retards get the fuck over yourselves
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Martinez Joann

Martinez Joann I have a sixteen year old autistic son with son he also has a seizure disorder not all autistic children are the same so I can’t understand how you can say there is a cure that’s such false hope to parents that struggle every day and it’s not a epidemic it’s more common and heard about more but not a epidemic it’s sad that people are so ignorant I won’t spend a dime on this book it’s just more bullshit

Nat Le Brun
Nat Le Brun Quackery! Autism is not an epidemic. It’s not an illness. It’s a neurological divergence that people like you perpetuate to be anything but. How about we autistics have a traditional book burning of your book to show you just how much it means to us?
Mike Davies
Mike Davies Surly this isn’t real???
Jamie Diamond
Jamie Diamond Autism is not an epidemic nor is it something that needs a cure! Our brains work differently, that’s all! We want to be understood and accepted for who we are, not forced to think in a way we’re not programmed to think!
Sarah Bouhenniba
Sarah Bouhenniba Ignorant pig, my son is autistic and it is one of the most incredible children ever, intelligent and funny, disgusting, how dare you😠

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