#TakeTheMaskOff | My Experience With #FND Seizures via Eve Reiland

#takethemaskoff my experience with #fnd

I’m Autistic and disabled. My disability is caused by Functional Neurological Disorder and PTSD.

FND is a very misunderstood condition and until recently, lacked hope for help.

In spirit of the #TakeTheMaskOff campaign, I’m taking the mask off and sharing what the most difficult part of my daily life literally looks like

~eve.with Bill

To find more info: www.fndhope.org


2 thoughts on “#TakeTheMaskOff | My Experience With #FND Seizures via Eve Reiland

  1. T L Willow Boudell says:

    It took courage to share these videos, but I thank you and my husband thanks you. He had to help me through these daily before there was much information at all about the condition, not that there’s a whole lot more now. Back then I just thought I was one messed up being with an assortment of seemingly unrelated conditions that typically prompted puzzled doctors to simply tell me, “just reduce your stress.” I cannot believe how many of these symptoms are listed on the resource link you provided. I am so grateful for this information, but I am sorry you’re going through it.


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