The Autistic Crisis Is Now #TakeTheMaskOff – YouTube via Eve Reiland

[ TW: abuse, suicide, murder, death]

In spirit of the #TakeTheMaskOff campaign, I wrote a speech about the actual autistic crisis and our #1 cause of early death: suicide.

This speech illustrates what’s under Autism Speaks mask, the autistic death toll.

Autism Speaks used tragedy marketing, created a cult-like following, misinformed the world about autistics — and after decades of this — Autistics were left to create their own support systems and advocacy organizations.

For years Autism Speaks has yanked our communities of money, alienated autistic adults and pushed hard for donations to find a “cure.” This left our communities without resources, funds and truthful information to help create support networks for all autistics.

Autism Speaks had a goal: To make Autism a word in history books. To eradicate autism from the world. So why create a support network when autistics would cease their burden on the world in about 20 years?

Well, here we are, all these years later. And guess what, Autistics still exist and we’re still without support, resources or even appropriate medical treatment and care.

That’s OK. We autistics, we got this. We’ve created our own networks for support, our own organizations for advocacy, and now autistics are co-working with the larger world scientific and stakeholders community.

The time is now to rip the mask off of Autism Speaks, and the ilk, and show what they really have going on under the blue fluffy sparkles and puzzle pieces.

Autistic activists around the world are speaking, sharing their voice, their words and communicating the reality of being Autistic.

Can we depend on you for support in reducing autistic suicide deaths, and work together to create a better future for all autistics?

– Eve Reiland 

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